Starting over - day 3


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Went to church and the beach yesterday and did very well;


sweet potato

3 hard boiled eggs


( Cabbage Salad) cabbage, carrot, broccili, hard boiled eggs (2), avacodo salad - I found a vegan "mayo" recipe online that I used for this salad - whole 30 compatible!!!


Sweet potato

1 piece chicken on the grill

cabbage salad (from above)

Monday 6/25/12 (so far)

Sweet potato

2 scrambled eggs


sweet potato fries

grilled chicken

cabbage salad ( from Sunday)

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Looks good. Make sure you are getting your fat portion in the morning...perhaps top your sweet potato with a scoop of coconut oil and sprinkle with cinnamon. Soooo yummy!

BTW...I was glad to read you are starting over. Here's to continued success!

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