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Ethan's Whole30 log


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OK was originally keeping this log privately but figured I'd share as well. I eat pretty well normally (prepare a large percentage of my meals, lots of meats and veggies) but wanted to try this to see if it could help keep the sweets beast under control (biggest weakness), see if there are any sensitivities to food I wasn't aware of, and just have a bit of an adventure. :) Onward!

DAY 1:

breakfast: 3 eggs, broc, mixed herbs. 1/2 an orange.

lunch: 1/2 salad (wide mix of veggies & grapes and apples) with tuna, olive oil, lemon juice

snack: handful nuts

dinner: stir fry chicken with broccoli, carrots, guac, kale chips

some intermittent hunger, no sugar cravings.

DAY 2:

breakfast: nom nom paleo sweet potato hash (1 potato, 2 eggs), coffee, 1/2 orange.

lunch: other part of yesterday's tuna salad, ½ cup coffee

dinner: citrus chicken from ITWF; brocolli, bok choy, kale stir fry.

snack: ½ banana, ½ apple, bit of shredded coconut, almond butter

very hungry after dinner. bananas with almond butter and coconut is a great snack! worked out that night (i do kettlebells primarily) and it was pretty poor. also did not eat afterward but it was really late and i just wanted to sleep. late night exercise does not affect my sleep at all; i sleep well whenever i want.

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Welcome! I am glad you decided to share your log. Even if you don't learn anything from us, we are sure to learn something from you. :)

Oh I've already learned a lot. :) I also think it's great to get as much perspective as possible from everyone's experience and I'm happy to throw in what I learn from all this.

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DAY 3:

breakfast - mixed nuts, leftover citrus chicken and veggies from day 2 dinner, coffee

lunch - tuna + mixed salad (lettuce, carrots, broccoli, onions, avocado, grapes, apples, cucumber, olive oil, lemon juice, basic, seasonings) - this will likely be a staple during the day. also ate an orange.

dinner - chicken and veggie stir fry with W30-safe pesto sauce. was tasty but something in it gave my wife and i a stomach ache. :(

overall felt quite good yesterday! energy levels were very consistent, didn't drink a ton of coffee, hunger was generally fine too. i would say it was a success; just wish dinner hadn't left my stomach so grumpy.

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DAY 4:

breakfast: frittata roughly followed from nom nom paleo. used kale and broccoli + onion, basil, rosemary. this is quite yummy. bowl of honeydew and raspberries.

lunch: salad with tuna

dinner: slow cooker pork loin w/ apples, broc, sweet potato. the pork loin recipe is something we make a lot of and it's a winner. had to remove the brown sugar from the recipe but it didn't really suffer for it.

late snack: banana, almond butter, shredded coconut. this is quickly becoming a favorite snack of mine.

did a workout last night too; better than the one a couple days ago. stomach was still not at 100% from whatever i ate that set it off for dinner on day 3 (think it was too-old chicken), but other than that generally a success.

one thing that's a little wierd is that i feel like i've been having a bit more post-nasal drip the past couple days since starting this. not sure what the catalyst for that is as i'm eating foods i normally eat just excluding others. may just be coincidence/seasonal.

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DAY 5:

breakfast: leftover frittata + leftover pork. also handful of nuts and a coffee.

lunch: salad with tuna

snack: honeydew and raspberries

dinner: pork soup (kale, broc, onion, garlic, ginger, carrot, turnip, bok choy), baked ½ sweet potato with coconut oil and shredded coconut. that's a tasty side.

very good day in terms of energy and hunger. was up past midnight with little difficulty, woke up pretty easily today. feeling good overall. miss having some variety in my foods, but feeling good is nice as well. :)

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DAY 6:

breakfast: frittata, leftover pork and apples, quarter sweet potato, nuts. coffee.

l: tuna salad, raspberry & honeydew melon about an hour later.

d: burger, lettuce wrap, sweet potatoes, broccoli. found some good w30 compliant mustard at whole foods. that was nice to have.

s: ½ banana/almond butter, coconut

very good energy all day. worked out late, stayed up later. :\ the workout was OK but i feel like i am somewhat less strong than when i started.

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DAY 7:

breakfast: frittata, leftover pork and apples, quarter sweet potato, nuts. coffee.

l: tuna in salad, honeydew melon

d: couple dates and some nuts. ate some chicken and salad late at night. oh and a coconut lara bar on the plane.

traveled to San Francisco, huge rush before heading out, made dinner very challenging!

DAY 8:

breakfast: frittata, 2 bananas, almond butter, shredded coconut.

lunch: apple

dinner: whole rotisserie chicken, salad, 1/2 banana with almond butter and coconut.

another challenging food day. spent the whole day out. the rotisserie chicken tasted really good! one more day on the road. looking forward to getting back home for "normal" eating. :)

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DAY 9:

breakfast: frittata, bananam almond butter, shredded coconut. half a coconut lara bar. coffee.

lunch: salad with chicken

snack: apple, nuts, coconut lara bar. very large coffee.

dinner: chicken, veggie, and pesto stir fry.

crazy day. didn't have dinner til 2am. hard to keep this on the road, especially when life throws you a curveball. not a great food day but at least i didn't stray off the w30 plan. was traveling this weekend and saw some treats i would have loved to have tried (chocolate covered mochi & crazy crepes topped with ice cream the big ones) but resisted. they will be there after the w30 is done if i want them. :) sounds dumb, but it's empowering to empower yourself. sure i am following a script right now so maybe it's not really empowering but i didn't even think about letting the internal dialogue convince me it was ok to cheat and i'm sure i'm happier for it today.

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DAY 11:

breakfast: nuts, proscuitto wrapped in lettuce, olive oil and vinegar

lunch: salad with chicken, banana with almond butter

dinner: chicken stir fry with coconut milk

snack/pre workout: lara bar

post workout: almond butter with coconut

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DAY 12:

breakfast: frittata with wellness meats bacon (yay!), leftover sweet potatoes, apple

snack: dates and macadamia nuts

lunch: errr, don't think i had this. may have had 1/2 a lara bar. :\

dinner: almond crusted fried chicken (crust wasn't so good, but frying in coconut oil is fine if not a bit pricey). sweet potato & salad.

snack: couple small spoonfulls of coconut manna. good, but completely not what i was expecting.

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DAY 13:

breakfast: frittata, lettuce and proscuitto, nuts

lunch: leftover almond crusted chicken & sweet potato, banana and almond butter

snack: lara bar

dinner: salad and chicken

DAY 14:

breakfast: frittata, banana and almond butter

lunch: thai food. sigh. was in an tough situation and had to eat so had some chicken skewers, chicken with green beans, and chicken with broccoli. avoided the breaded stuff and peanut sauce. did my best but i'm sure there was some sugar, soy, etc in there.

snack: apple

dinner: rotisserie chicken, stir fry veggies, sweet potato

snack: lara bar

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DAY 15:

breakfast: 3 eggs with sauteed veggies, banana/almond butter

lunch: nuts (wasn't hungry)

dinner: chicken, carrot, onion wrapped in lettuce, sweet potatoes

snack: lara bar dipped in almond butter. this is quite good!

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Thanks for sharing your log, experiences and workouts. I am starting tomorrow. I am trying to get my health in check again and gain control over my eating. I also need to drop a few pounds, but trying not to over focus on that. Do you only do Kettlebells as a workout? I also do 60-75 min. kettlebell classes, as well as hot yoga and hot Pilates. I always ? Whether I'm working out enough as I used to be a gym rat. Lol. :) just figured your insight would be helpful since it looks like you've been doing it for a while. :) Thanks in advance.

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I don't always do KBs for a workout, but it is my favorite form of exercise these days; sometimes I'll do more bodyweight-oriented things, sometimes incorporate free weights, sometimes running (training for one of those Spartan races, heh). I will say that my energy levels for workouts were lower than I was hoping for at first. 2 weeks in I'm doing better; probably right around back to normal. Eat extra carbs like sweet potatoes. That's my best advice. :) Don't be surprised if hour long classes kick you around at first. It's hard getting enough calories eating like this. That said overall I feel better especialy in terms of general energy level so it's totally worth it IMO.

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Thank you so much for your input! I start tomorrow...eeek. I'm excited and nervous. :)

Good luck! I haven't found it that hard honestly but I wasn't eating too far away from the diet. The tough parts are traveling and making enough food to keep the diet going. I think I need to slow cook something large to keep some meat around for the next few days. :)

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DAY 16:

breakfast: 3 eggs with sauteed veggies, 1/2 pound of cherries (was traveling and they were fresh and yummy, no regrets!)

lunch: nuts and an apple (wasn't very hungry)

dinner: some marinated veggies on a plane ride, then eggs, veggies, and bacon when i got home.

hopefully done traveling for a while. looking forward to getting back into a good eating groove again. overall happy with how i stuck with the diet while away but it's not easy.

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DAY 17:

breakfast: frittata, nuts

lunch: salad with tuna, orange, sea snax, bit of almond butter

dinner: burger, lettuce, sweet potato, broccoli

snack: 1/2 an apple with almond butter and shredded coconut, teaspoon coconut manna

not the best, but not a bad eating day.

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DAY 18:

breakfast: fritatta, nuts, carrot with almond butter

lunch: salad with tuna, 1/2 apple

dinner: pork & apples, 1/2 sweet potato with coconut manna, broc/carrot/onion

snack: 1/2 apple with almond butter and shredded coconut

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DAY 19:

breakfast: leftover pork and apples, sweet potato, veggies

lunch: salad and 2 fried eggs in coconut oil (yum)

snack: 4 dates stuffed with macadamia nuts (also yum)

dinner: leftover pork and apples, sweet potato, brocolli

a vacuum sealer should be arriving soon which will be awesome for these slow cooker meals when you don't want to eat the same thing 6 days in a row. :)

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DAY 20:

breakfast: nuts, carrot and almond butter, 1/2 apple. not a great breakfast.

lunch: leftover pork & apples, sweet potato, veggies

snack: lara bar dipped in almond butter. calorie bomb, but i really needed something today.

dinner: lamb and turnip stew, sweet potato

post workout snack: banana with almond butter and coconut

definitely not my best eating day; just generally snacky though i might have been antsy at work. too much reliance on almond butter i think. for day 21 going to have a larger meatier breakfast and lunch and see how that affects my day.

also, just got a vacuum sealer for freezing leftovers. i think it'll be great with the crock pot and make keeping up with this diet a lot easier in the long term.

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