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Cristina Rowan

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It's not. I weigh myself b/c, although I care, it's easy for me to go: "Meh. I gained a little." And move on. But I've lost 7 lbs in 13 days (so far). (This is our 2nd Whole30.)

Let the program work. If you're like me, you've been eating processed crap for 30+ years and your body needs to HEAL. That's way more important than the number on the scale. :-)

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please please please don't weigh yourself early!! I felt absolutely no change until the very last week. not weighing/measuring is part of the "rules" for a reason. for me, it was almost as though my body really needed that much time to begin to trust itself to start letting go of the weight.

I've read through this whole post, what a great way to see how your story unfolded! congrats!!

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Give it time! It sounds like you're doing great, so be patient. Sometimes you have to put on a little (especially if you're PMSing) visually before you can lose it. Wait the 30 days before you weigh yourself...your body is making a lot of changes, so give it time to figure all of them out before looking at the number on the scale.

You sound like you're doing AWESOME, so keep it up, and hopefully before too much longer you'll be feeling and looking better than you have in a while!

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Ok, four more days to go plus the rest of today :)

As I said before, I havent lost tons of weight, I havent weighed myself over the last 2 weeks, but I might lost some inches though (hopefully of fat and not muscle).

During this week I got the contraceptive implant removed (ouch!) I was on my 3rd one, I decided I didnt want any more hormonal contraception, if I aim to detox my body, that was one of the things that have to go (sorry husband, is your turn to work on the contraception !)

So, at this stage I can point out what I have liked/disliked.

First, my cravings for carbs are now under control, which basicly was my reason number 1 to try this.

But, I can't stand the meat any longer ! my meals have become completely unappealing, I just open my mouth, chew and swallow, so basicly Im not enjoying them, except for the times my meal is a salad with avocado. I'm only eating chicken and pork, I cant stand the taste of beef, even though I didnt eat much during this month. So meat eating is really not for me, I tried it as an experiment and my conclusion is that it doesnt make me happy.

I havent felt any "magic"yet changes in my skin, I had seen changes on my skin when I became pescetarian and specially when I started exercising, so absolutely no improve there.

I am sleeping better, no doubt about. Im on tablets for fibromyalgia, which are actually a low dose of some antidepressant to help with sleep, since people with fibromyalgia dont sleep well, and Im considering reducing the dose gradually bit by bit to see if it is possible to come off those tablets all together, my GP is ok with that.

I have loved to be able to add healthy fats to my meals, when I used to avoid fats all together for many many years !

This is a bit "too much information" but I dont like my bowel movements at the moment, they used to be better (in many aspects) on a pescetarian diet.

I will finish the 30 days, will give myself a break of 4 days (those are gonna be out of routine days for my family, so I prefer not to be on a restricted meal plan for practical reasons) And then,I will re-take the program but on the vegetarian option, eating fish once or twice a week as I used to before, and I will be able to compare which program suits me better to follow for the rest of my life. :)

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If you've been off meat for that long, your body would probably need longer than 30 days to feel right with it again. That said, if you'd rather not eat it, then that's on you. In the end, it's YOUR body and it's YOUR digestion. Perhaps eating seafood a little more often would split the difference for you? I don't eat avocados at all. I tried to for a week, and by day 5, I was dreading eating breakfast because of them. I stopped eating them (even though tons of people here rave about them...thinking about eating them makes me nauseous and the stomach ache after forcing it down on day 5 wasn't worth it) and haven't looked back. I'm definitely better without them!

Just my $0.02.

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As someone who was a vegetarian for as long as they could remember before going paleo, I'll chime in here. I started off choking down the meat and feeling sick to my stomach doing that. Then I started to buy ground beef, and my world changed (food-wise, that is). Just a matter of taking a spoon and mashing it up, and then adding in a LOT of spices (meaning, more than a recipe says to add) and then quickly frying it up with some oil. Because it was ground and spiced it was more palatable than chunks or a steak, and it seemed easier on my stomach too. It was a bit of a gateway meat, really.

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I DID IT !!!! I finished the program yesterday !!!!! I weighed myself today and I lost 1/4 of a pound, I thought it would have been a little more because my jeans fit me better, as a matter of fact, I can fit into 2 jeans that 30 days ago I couldnt even close them....and that is because I lost 2-1/2 inches of my waist !!!! and 1 inch on my hips !!!!!

I don't crave sweet food anymore !!!! And I know I can't pretend to undo 25+ years of artificial sweeteners, but they are now gone for good!!!

I will give myself a 4 day break, and then I will continue eating my own version, which is following the vegetarian program but eating fish. I dont miss potatoes at all !! I am quite happy to eat sweet potatoes for life instead. Eggs are here to stay for breakfast, I thought I was gonna get sick of them, but no, I'm ok, I even had eggs this morning too. Healthy oils, I have loved all of them, and will of course remain in my diet for good.

I started the program expecting a huge weigh loss, but I am not in any way dissapointed, I learned so much about my body this month, priceless information!

Thanks to all of you who contributed to this thread....I can read back and see my transformation, my learning experience, my achievements ! xxx

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