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Whole 30 Easter Dinner Planning - Need Vegetable & Side Ideas


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I am planning to get a local organic free range Turkey and looking forward to the leftovers more than the meal. I'd love your recommendations for Whole 30 compliant side dishes that the whole family could enjoy.

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Coconut-almond green beans from Well Fed.

Roasted brussel sprouts with onions and pancetta.

Roasted or grilled asparagus, drizzled with olive oil, lemon and s & p.

Broccoli with garlic and crushed red pepper.

A big salad full of EVERYTHING yummy and fresh and drizzled with home made dressing....

Mashed sweet potatoes.

Mashed cauliflower

Need more?

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Cabbage/kale/spinach/any green with lemon juice, salt & good quality olive oil.

Steamed/boiled/microwaved cauliflower with lots of freshly grated nutmeg (and possibly drizzled in ghee)

Do you get sprouting broccoli where you are? I've had it in a restaurant coated with some kind of oil (olive? ghee?) with flaked almonds sprinkled on top.

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