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Starting today!!! And got my kids and husband on board!


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I just finished my first whole 30 about a week ago and then went on a trip with the family. I actually didn't really deviate much except for a Lindt 90% dark chocolate bar... Seriously fabulous and well worth the deviation. But I wanted to complete at least 90 days of this strictness so here I am again.

I think my husband must have noticed a big enough change though because he is actually on board to make some big changes. With our last grocery shopping trip he chose not to get his typical milk, cereal, bread, cheese and yogurt. I was super proud of him because he loves his cereal in the mornings and late night snack. He is also a big sandwich eater. The great thing about his change is that it will effect my 3 kids big time, because they like to eat that stuff too, but if it's not in the cupboard they won't ask for it. My husband hasn't committed to doing a whole30, he wants to reserve the right to eat junk if he wants. But if it's not in the house and if I make him yummy enough food, he won't be willing to spend the money to buy anything (he's pretty frugal). So my challenge is to make enough fabulous food to keep him and the kiddos full.

As for me, I enjoy knowing that I'm eating healthy and I feel amazing after my last whole30. I'm one of those that thought I was eating healthy with my whole wheat bread, yogurt, oatmeal, black beans etc.... I couldn't figure out why I wasn't losing my pregnancy weight, why I was always tired, why I had issues with anemia... Etc. I just got the It Starts With Food book and everything just made so much sense. My first whole30 I did because I knew it was better for me. This time, after reading the book, I know why it's better for me... And I'm so excited to bring my whole family along for the ride. Oh, and I've talked my sister in law and mom into doing it as well :)

I will be tracking my meals on here too! So here we go!!

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