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soooo excited


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just made a trip to costco and found good deals: freeze dried fruit {kirkland} i think it's alot better than dried fruit (not in taste) but in carbs and sugars..(no added sugar) just fruit and citric acid

salmon in a can 6 pack (wild Alaskan) no junk

for that rare...occasion you have almond butter it is clean and a great price

i found large large bags o frozen kale Ever had it to make chips? and big bags of fresh (would that be better for making chips?

it was fun and i came home energized

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For the kale chips, I would stick with the fresh. The frozen would be great to throw into any type of stew/chili/soup towards the end of the cooking time.

Be careful with the freeze dried fruit; it may result in pushing other foods off of your plate. I am not sure how you would incorporate this into the meal template, but I would NOT eat it as a snack.

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