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30 days / 90 meals here we go!


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Coffee with coconut cream- what a wake up! Probably the nicest coffee I've had, stopping at one will be difficult. 1/2 punnet strawberries, yum.

Breakfast- 3 egg, 1/4 cup egg white, spinach, capsicum red, mushroom and shallot omelette. I added a little coconut cream to the egg mix. I have to say I really enjoyed this breakfast. The shallots added a real sweetness to it, combined with the red capsicum it was a winning combo.

Meanwhile the kids are chowing down on their hot cross buns and pancakes! I've never been a big fan of pancakes but hot cross buns with melted butter.....

89 meals to go.....



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meal 2/90

Spinach and avocado salad with

Fried ground beef, cherry tomatoes, fresh chilli and garlic cooked in teaspoon of coconut oil.

pear and handful of almonds.

I was thinking 3/4 of the way through the meal this is not going to keep me going until dinner, however after the pear and almonds all was good.

I have to keep reminding myself I will feel fuller in 20 minutes


Meal 3/90

spirooli zucchini with sauteed chilli, garlic, broccolli and crab meat.

- this meal is delightful, probably my favourite faux pasta dish. The sweetness of the crab goes tremendously with the chilli.

you feel so fantastic after a big bowl of this stuff.

My weight day 1 - 63.7

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30 days 90 meals day 2

- snacked on some apple and almond butter with hot cacao and a touch of coconut cream. Was very yummy and only slightly envious of my husband drinking red wine and eating a peppermint dark choc frog from haighs.....

Meal 4/90- scrambled eggs 2 with 1/2 cup egg white , coconut cream spinach side, 1/2 punnet of strawberries. Coffee with coconut cream.

I slept very very well last night after day one- didn't wake feeling hungry though which probably means I ate too much too late last night.

I'm reading that coconut and avocados can be consumed quite liberally but too many nuts will add the weight.... Will try and stack up on veggies during the meals

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Thanks juzbo - I am going to have to do a bit more reading on nuts, before going whole 30 I was spending a great deal of time consuming paleo treats with nuts!!! Hope you are going well post whole 30 and have enjoyed a treat or two if that is what you have desired.

Meal 5/90 - a rushed cooked chicken and coleslaw salad with 1/2 avocado. I don't know what Coles roasts their chicken with- hopefully nothing but it was pretty good.

I am finding myself just not hungry between meals which is great and the biggest thing is I have no desire to snack as in it's not even on my mind!!!! This is unheard of for me.... I am however not exercising.. I have been for 2 hour walks that's it which is probably contributing to the lack of hunger - but I prefer it that constantly feeling that I want something.

Meal 6/90

Extremely slow cooked lamb in red wine

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Posted a bit quick!

Meal 6/90

I am figuring after 12 hrs on the stove top all the alcohol was gone, ( more like vinegar than wine!) cooked in tomatoes chilli and garlic.

Green salad and roasted cumin/ cinnamon carrots from WELL FED.

The thing is I did very well last night as we had friends over. What I gave up was a ripe French Brie, heaps of chocolate, ice cream, a beautiful Pinot- could tell by the smell and some lovely Chardonnay.......

I went to bed feeling good that I wasn't stuffed with grains and sugar and drunk. However I took a green apple and some almond butter with me ... it was still sitting in my oesophagus this morning. I slept poorly as a result and woke not feeling hungry again.

Meal 7/90

Grated carrot, egg white, egg, ground beef red onion and cumin hash... Topped with parsley. It was good, it took me a while to chew through 2 carrots in the hash so left the meal feeling very satisfied... Cc with coffee. Mmmmmm

BAD NEWS- I have come out in these huge hormonal zits, they look like large mosquito bites, they are definitely going to scar... I hope this oily phase doesn't last too long...

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Hi cavemum, well done on resisisting all those temptations - the skin isssues are probably your hormones re-balancing I'd suspect?

2 things jumped out at me reading your log - I would check the label on your chicken - often shop rotisserie chickena re basted/brined before cooking with a salt/sugar/water solution and often have a glaze put on the skin too.

and alcohol is out , even in stews as above, for your W30. Stock + apple cider vingear makes a good replacement for white wine in recipes.

hth, hope the skin settles for you soon. maybe a facial as a week 1 completed treat?

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Thanks Derval- I'm not planning on repeating the chicken incident, I was unprepared and desperate..... Again with the red wine lamb..... I'm sort of thinking 99% compliance is pretty good for me..... I was feeling very energetic today, and definitely not ready for bed tonight, I only had 2 coffees as well today - normally 3 or 4.

The funny thing is I keep reching for different food / drinks out of habit, because when I realise what I am doing it surprises me that I dont actually need a pick me up or treat.

After dinner I was still hungry so I had apple with almond butter again and black tea - a few barberries ( very sour) and 1/2 a handful of nuts...has left me feeling satisfied but not stuffed..

Meal 8/ 90- chicken breast with salad and 1/2 avocado

Meal 9/90- sautéed root vegetables, leeks, celery with leftover lamb stew

Meal 10/90.LOVELY fried pak Choy with scrambled egg.... It was so refreshing having greens for breakfast... What a difference from a heavy grain based breakfast

Meal 11/90. Salad with chicken and avocado and seeds...

Meal 12/90- steamed greens and lamb with chilli... Yummy

Look where we are --- day 5 coming up. .. Just have to manage the night time snacking with more proteins during the day I think

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I remember that light bulb moment when I realised I was reaching for food out of habit rather than hunger!.... You are dong really well.

I think the Coles and Safeway chickens have MSG and soy in them... I certainly can't eat them any more without feeling sick.

Hey, my emergency cook in a hurry food is Safeway Aussie burgers, they are 100% beef and a good price often 2 packs of four for $10. Look carefully as the home style burgers look identical but have other ingredients.

I also cook them ahead and use a quarter or half as per and post wo snacks

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Thanks juzbo - 1/4 or 1/2 ??? What are you fuelling yourself with ?? I'm sure even one burger would barely cut it for me...I'm getting myself down to Safeway today !!! Any other ideas and I would be extremely grateful. How soon are you eating before workout?? I will be working out at 6 am so pre WO food is really not viable but if I was to WO during day, how do you cope WO a heavy meal on board or is that the key .. Not to eat of much?? I have been eating until I am fairly full at each meal as I am a bit scared of getting hungry between meals.. I haven't been hungry yet, but the fear is still there from years of yo yo dieting.. The realisation of what is going on here is is quite amazing, the whole relationship with food idea... I never thought About any relationship with food just likes/ dislikes what mAkes me eat more/ crave and energy levels. The whole habit formation I have never paid much attention to, the couch/ tv / snack I get, but the mindless eating, and the wrongly perceived preferences for types of food at types of day. Snack times and coffee times I'm just so gobsmacked at how my needs have changed dramatically on this whole 30, but my mind / body is still pushing me to do the same old.. I think I'm just going to tune out from life and listen to my body as to when and what it wants to eat!!!

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Meal 13/90- fried bok Choy and tomatoes with scrambled egg/ egg white and coconut cream

Meal 14/90 turkey breast, asparagus -grilled, carrot wrapped in lettuce. Chicken breast . Green apple and punnet of strawberries. Few nuts . Black coffe with cc. - all had at a picnic ..

Meal 15/90 pork fillet, with ginger, cumin, coriander and chilli yummmo - I took a picture it was so good.

Lovely hash parsnip with cinnamon - man whoever thought of this was a genius.

Cacao and cc ( hot chocolate ) and mashed nuts with coconut oil and cacao.

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The 1/4 or 1/2 burger as a pre WO snack with a spoon of ghee at 530 is perfect for my 6am body combat class... I never used to be able to eat before but now my dinners are healthier I tank if I don't...

I ate way too much the first two weeks, partly to offset detox symptoms, partly for psychological reasons... I still eat too much, even after 100 days... Still working on that but I just don't ever want to face a diet mentality ever again and I seem to be managing... Just.

Another protein tip.. Two Chicken breasts cut both horizontally and vertically so four thin rectangle pieces each baked in the oven for 30 minutes with a tin of tomatoes or tomato paste on top.

And for a hat trick, $5 turkey mince from Safeway cooked in ghee with grated zucchini and sweet potato for breakfast. Have a good night!

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Thanks Juzbo- how are you going post 100 days, what have you been eating?? will have to look at your other posts. thanks heaps for the tips..turkey mince, sounds like a nice change- had some sliced turkey breast from a gourmet deli and yummo Iwrapped everything in it. A bit more flavorsome than chicken, especially as i cant find any permisable bacon or chicken liver pate without dairy!!

what I would do for a slice of toast, ive only been on this for a week but given that i've been paleo for 8 its really getting to me now not being able something crunchy in my mouth in the morning or to have dairy.

I dont like coffee anymore- im a bit over the cc addition and ive had 10 too many horrible long blacks, might have to give this tea thing a go. if these changes keep going im going to be completely unrecognizable to my family. I LOVE FOOD, all i do is talk about it, cook it and eat it, i dont know why I'm on this WHOLE 30 thing...

sorry for my whining and poor typing- bad day today, not prepared, many hungry moments and temptation everywhere.

Anyway - the meal log- had a terrible terrible time not snacking.

meal 16/90 - avocado 1/2, poached egg 2, sugar snap peas , coffee with cc

meal 17/90 - chicken pan friend with spice, carrots raw, nuts and 2 fresh dates- naughty coffee with cc

snack more carrots, barberries, apple

meal 18/90 - rib eye , sweet potatoe, broccolini yummy. mineral water

meal 19/90 - poached eggs, parsnip hash with cinnamon. coffee with cc

meal 20/90 - rocket, avocado, capsicum, chicken salad- olive oil. carrot snack, pear

meal 21/90- miserable tiny green salad with 1/8 tomatoe sliced 2 olives and 50 gram poached chicken.... very unimpressed.

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I've been wanting to tell you, you inspired me to do a 90 meals to better health... It's a post whole30 not a whole30... My link to my log is in my signature now, drop in?

Don't worry, in another few weeks you will have found so many good meal recipes you will feel enriched rather than restricted!

Here's my log for my first whole30 if it helps


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Hi Juzbo - good recipes, getting organised, pre preparing a few meals.. planning for the day and most importantly having a DECENT breakfast.. seems to be what i have learnt so far

skipped breakfast this morning and i am paying for it in hunger and cravings tonight!

meal22/90 -scrambled eggs with a salad side of brocolli, avocado and snow peas

23/90 - salad of rocket, avocado, tuna and capsicum (im loving capsicum its sooo sweet)

24/90 - zucchini spirooli with steamed broccoli and a bolognaise sauce. frozen berry and coconut cream dessert.

25/90 - skipped breakfast - ate a pear and carrot!!!

26/90 - some pre-prepared sweet potatoe, ground beef, egg frittata, hash sort of thing

27/90 - salad, lots of home grown tomatoes, beef casserole - home made- cauliflower rice and steamed greens.

after tomorrow ill be a third of the way there!! yeah..

What I am noticing

Not as tired during the day, generally

If i eat well during day not as interested in food at night to snack.

As i go further into the 30 days its easier to talk myself out of bad habits....

looking forward to reading juzbo's 90 meals for some recipe inspiration.

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This girl ain't tough enough!! Gave into chocolate craving after stressful few days, but didn't stop there!!! so it's back to day 1 for me.

I'm going to have to be more prepared.....this time.

I've managed to keep off the alcohol which is great, and not craving bread and biscuits, but any sort of cake is a killer, and as they say " death by chocolate"

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