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It's gone...what to do?


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I did a whole30 in January, and have never felt better, There was one issue though--I lost my period. I didn't lose a lot of weight during the whole30 (only a couple pounds--I did the whole30 for emotional/mental clarity, better mood, and to be a better fat burner, not to lose weight), and have (mostly) stuck to paleo since then. But no matter how much food I eat, including dairy and sweet potatoes, my period isn't coming back. I'm worried about it. And there's no way I could be pregnant; I haven't been in a relationship and had sex since before January (sad face, I know). Has anyone else had this issue? Thanks!

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Sorry you are having these issues. It's a pretty delicate matter, which requires close attention. Two sources of the problem that come to my mind: nutrition and hormonal imbalance. Surprise!

- Are you eating enough fat? Loss of period is very common when women are not getting enough fat in their diet. I've lost my period for half year when I was constantly undereating and fat phobic.

- You can read more about hormones on the Paleo for women blog or check the author of "The Hormonal cure" book. I believe there are two podcasts with her on balanced bites.

Please, don't let this issue get worse and go see a doctor if it will not show up next month. I've been there and it's just terrible.

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When I came off hormonal birth control, it took over 5 months to get my period back, another friend took over 8 months - and neither of our doctors were at all concerned (although mine did run a whole bunch of blood tests, just to make sure there was nothing else going on).

Point is, when we change our hormonal balance, it can take our bodies a long time to rebalance and get back to normal. Do go and get a checkup, just to be sure though.

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When I came off bc, and I was on a low dose pill, it took MONTHS and MONTHS of getting shots to start my period, clomid and a pregnancy to get my period back! (this was also back in the early 90's). Now, when I was doing primal, I did it for 3 months and got pregnant -- after being told that I wouldn't have anymore kiddos--and he is 2 now. When I did my first whole 30, I had a mid cycle, 8 day period, and after that, I have been like clockwork.

I agree with the PP--if things don't come around, I would for sure go see your dr. Best of luck!

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A Whole30 ALWAYS delays my period. It's incredibly frustrating. But, sometimes the body recognizes food changes as stress and puts ovulation on hold, which in turn delays your period. If you head over to Paleo for Women, she talks about some women needing more carbs for a normal cycle. Food for thought if you're not having any luck.

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