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Tomorrow i start my first whole30. I have thought about this but have forgotten to ask the question.

I work at UPS in a very physical job at 4am for about 4 1/2 - 5 hours. Can i treat what i eat at 330 before work a pre workout meal? I dont really have a big workout during the day besides that. And i eat my "breakfast" at 9 when i get out then lunch and dinner around 5.

Please help me. I may not get it right day 1 if i dont get a response, but i want the next 29/30 to be 100% correct.

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I second eating a whole meal to start your day if you can. When you are done with work it is the perfect time to eat your second meal.

When I work I have to eat breakfast around 6am, which for me felt way to early at first. I used to force myself to eat at that hour. After a few weeks I was waking up ready to eat that meal. My favorite first meal is swiss chard, sweet potato, and ground beef hash with garlic and onions. You can make it ahead of time then just heat it up when you want it.

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