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2 Questions - Vinegar and Mustard


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Hi everyone!

I'm starting my first Whole30 tomorrow... eep!

Okay so two questions:

- my red wine vinegar says "sumpinsumpin-sulfite added as a preservative". I figured that was bad so I went to Whole Foods for a new bottle. Many bottles say "contains sulfites" or "contains naturally-occurring sulfites". What's this about natural sulfites? And can somebody suggest a decent red wine vinegar?

- my favorite dijon mustard appears to check out, except for some mysterious "natural flavors" at the end of the ingredient list. Is that a no-no? And.... anybody have a good mustard?

Thanks so much!

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Naturally occuring sulfites are ok, added sulfites are not... I like to use blueberry balsamic vinegar and apple cinnamon vinegar!

Mustard tends to be ok. "natural flavors" are not necessarily out, but finding a cleaner mustard might be a better choice; or making your own!

Good Luck :)

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