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Yeast infections


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Ive been dabbling with eating paleo the last two months and just started the 30 day challenge. I've noticed that every time I have had sugar in the past few months I get a yeast infection. In general (pre paleo) I would get a yeast infection every three or so months. A good friend of mine went on a strict Candida diet for three months and she is convinced I have a candida overgrowth problem. I'm wondering if doing this 30 day program will help clear up any candida problems I may have or if I also have to do an extra cleanse of some sort.

Any feedback?

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I would definitely think the whole30 will help clear up any nasty candida hanging around. I would keep fruit to a minimum in general. Candida loves sugar...even fruit. A Candida diet is very similar to a Paleo/whole30 diet, the latter is just more restrictive, therefore it should ideally do a better job of eliminating the issue.

Always like to take a minimum investment maximum return approach. Which is why I love the Whole30. Its amazing how eating clean can improve so many aspects of your life. That being said, I would try doing just the W30 first and see if that will clear things up. If not, then reevaluate and maybe consider additional methods.

In addition, if you did both at once, you wouldn't know if what whole30 or the candida diet that cleared it up. Doing one at a time will give you a definitive answer.

I'm not a doctor, so if your physician gives you alternative advice please abide by it. I have had experience with yeast infections before, but they are non-existant since eating whole30 and strict paleo for the last few years now.

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