Happy Ever After 100 Days of Awesome

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Amy, your picture is GORGEOUS!! How did the photo shoot go? I love your blog name btw.

Susan welcome! Woo hoo! Not sure how many of us are here. 5-ish?

Justine, glad to hear the mock meet went well. Sounded like a fun day!

I had a couple of nice suprises yesterday...

Went to get a massage and my therapist hasn't seen me in the last 100+ days. He works on my body, so he knows what it looks like. He said "OMG, you're SO tiny! How much weight have you lost?" Turns out not much I say but I committed to this whole 100 etc. and I lost a lot of inches and dropped a size. "I can't get over how curvy you are, you look amazing!" No shit!? My jaw dropped.

This is a great lesson for me in what I think and see and what others do.

I usually argue with people when they pay me compliments (LOL!) yesterday I hugged him and said thank you. Aww growth, what a nice change.

Because life has been so incredibly fast paced I have decided to slow myself down a little bit and post a daily gratitude list here. Just to remind me that my life is very rich. Here goes...

1. I am grateful for my new found health.

2. I am grateful for my wonderful job and my amazing boss.

3. I am grateful for how well my daughter is doing.

4. I am grateful to have found my voice and more importantly, to be using it!

5. I am grateful for my optimism & faith. It gives me great strength.

Have a terrific day everyone!



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Greetings, ladies!

Let's see if I have this right. The finishers were myself, Shelley, Linda, Susan, Justine, Jess, I think Tracy (MattieRoss), also, and did Lisa go straight through into AI?

I am enjoying the changes this journey has brought. I was one of those people who thought they were eating healthy by loading up on whole grains, but I was always starving and in the midst of an insulin swing. Today, I was running errands and late having lunch. Although I knew I needed to eat, I wasn't starving, and had no desire to off-road, even walking through the bakery and snack aisles. At last, I have a grip on my appetite, and I no longer feel like I am compelled to eat something--anything--because of incredible hunger that needs to be satisfied this minute.

I am going to try to make that eggplant curry recipe again today. I started it last night, and got the eggplants roasted, but by the time they were cool enough to handle, it was getting late and when I cut them open, the centers weren't fully cooked. So they went into the fridge and I will re-roast them today.

Amy, I love the new pic.

Linda, how awesome. I'm hoping for a similar response at my next chiro appt.

Jess, the hazelnut milk is delicious. Do you use cheesecloth or a nutbag? The cheesecloth is so messy.

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I am grateful that I have finally found a way of eating that works for me. It's not perfect as I still have some skin issues and am prone to gaining some extra weight.

But my blood results and appetite are good, I can eat and enjoy food without ever having to view it as a diet ever again... And I have a lot of peace being able to class food into what I eat and what I don't eat... Takes all the pressure and stress away from wanting foods that make me sick... I don't eat them any more! And I rarely want them. I love being able to walk away from sugary junk. I will and do have some things with sugar in but only if most of the food has something nutritious to offer. Cakes, lollies and chocolate bars are rubbish to me now. Plain chips and nuts are okay occasionally.

What a journey! I told people at work yesterday that it took me three months to break my sugar addiction... They said wow that's a long time trying.... They didnt understand that it wasn't hard to stop having it.... But took me three months to stop wanting it which is the end game I was after...

Anyway, this is a bit rambly so I will finish...

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I can eat and enjoy food without ever having to view it as a diet ever again.

This is the most amazing and freeing part of the journey. I finally understand which foods help, and which ones hurt. I now have the knowledge necessary to lead a healthy life going forward.

The eggplant curry was delicious. I cooked a turkey breast last week and froze some of the meat. I'm figuring the reheated curry with diced turkey will be lunch for a few days. Yum!

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Good Morning!

Thanks Juzbo & MaryAnn for the focus on health and not dieting ever again. THAT was my dragon to slay and I feel like I really have. What a relief to just say no, I don't eat that food.

We went out to a Mexican restaurant the other night and I was really nervous...corn chips? Yikes!

Turns out this place made everything fresh and there were 4 things on the menu that I could eat without asking them to doctor everything up. Talk about excited!!

There were chips and I tried some, like 8. They were homemade and greasy and good and I stopped at 8 because I usually have a big reaction to corn of any kind. I did not with this, which is a huge reminder to me that moderation is not just a word, it means something. Tell that to an addict! LOL!

I was with some friends last night at a place that had sugar free ice cream. I thought I'd try it. I took a half dozen little bites and threw it away. I could taste all the chemicals and I honestly was just eating it because I could and then I threw it out because I could. Kinda cool, right?

Watch out world, I think I've got my big girl panties on!

Here are my gratefuls for today:

I am grateful for clarity and choice.

I am grateful that I am now in size 6 undies!!

I am grateful for my new found herbs and new found energy.

I am grateful for a really productive day at work yesterday.

I am grateful for Al Anon and learning to have boundaries with people.

Have a Wonderful day!



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Maryann...was it you that posted the eggplant curry dish on the other thread? I splurged and bought the good Aroyo-D coconut milk and I remember there being a wonderful sounding curry dish. As usual, I always think I'll remember where that dish was posted and then forget when I want to make it. I was going to look through all 71 pages, but...sigh...so many. :wub:

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LOL! Thanks MaryAnn!

Ok, I have to ask an embarrassing question...

Jtandi = Jess

Juzbo = Justine

Is that right or did I get it backwards. I'm so sorry to ask again, I keep getting you mixed up. :wacko:

Walking my friends dog today AND working out at the gym. I am approaching a new goal...a reduced waistline & stomach. I'd drop an entire size if I was able to get rid of some of this belly!

On the q.t. I am going to have my IUD removed soon and I think this will have a significant differrence on my body. It's never liked this little foreign object. In the meantime...PLANK!


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hi all! ugh, I am doing ok but I think I ate bad salmon yesterday. I went to a cookout on Saturday and some friends gave me some cooked salmon to take home, I ate it yesterday around 2:30 and around 7:30 my stomach dropped. mind you I wasn't running to the bathroom all night but there was something amiss for sure. I actually haven't been able to eat since then I've felt so sick. today I had a cup of tea with some honey and a splash of milk, a lara bar (the only thing that sounded even ok to me) and some juice mixed with water (1/2 & 1/2). I'm on another cup of tea right now and am actually feeling hungry but not wanting to cook, so I'm guessing we will be going out to dinner. in the past when I've felt sick like this I've powered through to have sugar and sweets/breads, etc and it was nice to just know that my body didn't want any food and that was OK! my family went out to dinner last night and I sat with them but I obviously had absolutely no desire to eat. I even went up to the city today with them - we skipped school (well, my daughter did) and went to the zoo. it was amazing.

who asked? I use a nut bag for my hazelnut coffee. I need to make some more.

yesterday wiped me out it seems. I want to crawl into bed and not come back out until the morning. but, like I said, I am suddenly feeling like I could eat so want to go get a nice plain chicken breast with some steamed veggies...NO FISH FOR A WHILE! which is a total bummer because I was just starting to really love fish.

I am so happy to come on here and see (read) all of you guys!

btw this was the first time I've used any sweetener or anything (some juice in my water and honey in my tea) and it's SWEET! I knew I would have to cut the juice and I almost cut it a bit more, but 1/2 & 1/2 ended up being fine. I'm just trying the smallest amount of honey in my tea.

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just got back home from dinner at panera - got some grilled chicken breast on lettuce, tomato, and onion with a slice of cheese and some mayo. came home not satisfied and the chicken tasted somewhat processed (according to their website - I checked after I got home, they add a small amount of sugar. figures). I went into my freezer where I put my other chocolate bar and broke off a small piece. was going to go back for more when I realized my problem - I had NO fat today. scooped up some coconut butter and a handful of nuts and all of a sudden I feel 100% better...imagine that!

anyone do any intermittent fasting? I was reading about it on Marks Daily Apple after thinking about how great I felt today even though I hadn't eaten for 24+ hours. this has NEVER happened to me before...and we walked for 4+ hours at the zoo and I carried the baby the entire time...

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Jess--saw your cute zoo pics on Facebook!

Been in a funk since doctor last week and I am not one to complain-- even on blogs!! Dad also in hospital, brother lost his job -- just too much. So I have been quiet.

Eating 99% compliant. Little dairy one day, little soy one day, little bread one day-- only one thing per day. None of it bothers me!! I did have one ice cream binge! So that has to go. I did have one more drink. Yuck and no more.

Yesterday was my 61 birthday. The fact that I have control over my eating is the highlight of my year.

Missed you.

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Hi ho! I', a little late to the party but happy to be here!

I've just read through this new thread and I gotta tell you how good it feels to be connected to all of you. Even after only a few days, I've

I haven't been sleeping well. SO much stress in my relationship. Seems like everything is happening at once. I bought some herbs that cam in the mail today so fingers crossed they balance me out and help me sleep through the night.

Sending big hugs!


Linda-- I take Relora and theanine serene for nerves.put Calm in my tea at night and, at toms suggestion, take a time release melatonin for sleep. Works most nights.

What's up with your relationship? Are you 2 trying to work it out?

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Good Morning All!

Lots of flooding happening here in Chicago. I'm not at work today yet, all the roads are flooded so I'm at home until we know if traveling is reasonable today.

I brought home some work with me and realized I'd already done it! Oops, gotta figure out what needs to be done so I can get my hours in this week.

Shelley, I am SO with you!

I have been so good about everything and yesterday (who knows why) I decided that a bag of kosher potato chips would be a good thing to introduce. Now if I was like you, I'd eat a few like I did with the corn chips but no, that would have made too much sense, so I ate the entire bag.

Yeah. Crusty eyes this morning and that long lost but not forgotten feeling of being hung over. Ugh.

Had I ever mentioned that potatoes are my kryptonite? My tongue is so salted out it feels like it's swollen. It probably is!

Shelley, Happy Birthday!!

I understand your feelings and I am hoping for a ray of hope and a little sunshine to brighten your day.

In answer to your question, I am living in a little apartment separate from Dan. It's been hard but necessary. We are trying to work things out but I still need some quiet space to myself for at least another month. I'm not willing to move back in until we can start making some healthy changes. We have therapy today. The good news is that we both want to stay together, so even though this is a rugged patch, I'm hopeful we'll get through it.

Justine, the IUD has never liked me and I just can't handle it anymore. I can't take birth control pills so I'm not sure what the alternative is. The good news is that I'm at that age where my cycle has all but ceased so I may not need anything at all!! Woot woot!!

Jess, food reactions are so sucky because they can wipe you out for an entire day! BUT how cool is it that you're really listening to your body? It's nothing short of a miracle for me that we walked away from this Whole100 with so many more tools for living and eating. Makes me all teary thinking about how we've all changed for the better!

And I love that you and your daughter played hooky and went to the zoo! You're a good Mom.

Here are my gratefuls for today:

I am grateful to be in a clean, dry house.

I am grateful for my landlady who says I can bring a temporary foster dog into the apartment!! Woo hoo!

I am grateful that the bag of potato chips are gone. ugh.

I am grateful for my wonderful boss. I am just so blessed to work for people I genuinely like.

I made a Paleo crockpot Chili Colorado recipe last night and it was kickass! A little labor intensive but SO worth the effort.

I'm going to go roast some chicken right now.

Wishing you all a happy day.



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Shelley, Happy Birthday and sorry for the funk. My grandmother always said "Bad luck comes in threes." So you should be done for a while, although that doesn't help the current situations. LOVED the Skype session for the kids you put on fb. How fabulous!

Jess, I'm jealous that you weren't my mom. She would NEVER have let us play hookie.

Linda, you are very fortunate that, despite your issues, your man loves you enough to want to work through it. In today's disposable society, the vast majority of people bail when the going gets tough. Also, do you have a link to that crockpot chili recipe?

I had sushi last night. I've been putting a dab of honey in my coffee, so I wasn't concerned about the sugar, and I used my coconut aminos instead of soy sauce. So the only off-plan items were rice, and a very small amount of corn flour in the wasabi. I wound up removing half the rice. It was just too much and too chewy and too sticky. It was ruining the flavor of the fish. No ill effects that I can see, so I guess I can indulge in sushi once in a while. I'm in no hurry to reintro anything. I guess I'll wait until I actually want something, and then figure how to isolate an ingredient. I have learned patience on this journey. I don't have cravings any more, so I don't feel I have to have something right now! If something strikes my fancy, I can decide to have it later in the week and plan around it so it is in isolation.

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Aww...Shelley..happy birthday. I hope things get better soon.

Not much change for me foodwise. I pretty much always eat 95% W30 and have for a long time. I did go out for sushi and did not take my coconut aminos. I also found the rice very gummy and sweet. The soy sauce WAY too intense and salty. Coconut aminos will have to continue to go with me.

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Hi all, sorry to hear about the downs some of you are having but glad to share.

I have had potato chips, that's about it. I have figured my problems and weight gain may be related to gluten cross reactivity... Most of the known contenders are foods I definitely react to, suspect I might react to or have reacted to in the past.

So I will try a week without any potato, coffee, cocoa and eggs and see what happens. Interestingly I think my first week of my whole30 had little of these and I lost visible weight so maybe that is the key....

Just going to finish off the last of my cocoa and sweet potato and egg dishes but the coffee stops today :(

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hi all! we were quiet yesterday and I got a little lonely! :huh::lol:

Shelly - happy birthday! I am so sorry that it came with some downs, but you have amazing resilience, I am glad you were able to walk through it all and hopefully things will turn. I think one ice cream binge is pretty damn good.

Linda - I'm glad you are figuring things out with Dan. the hardest part is to decide whether to stay or go, and it sounds like both of you are willing to do what it takes. rough patches are...rough...I have such a hard time being in the moment in my relationship, if it's down then I feel like it will be down forever, I have a hard time seeing long term. unfortunately I forget that view when things are going well...I just sit and wait for the other shoe to drop.

let me say letting my daughter play hookie to go to the zoo was insanely hard for me. remember me talking about all my control issues?! :P needless to say my therapist suggested that maybe I could lighten up a little bit. I am one who never lets my daughter miss gymnastics practice, if she's feeling sick I make her go to school "just in case she's fine". I grew up with that and I always hated it, I always wanted to be able to just relax once in a while. so I decided to try it. and it was fantastic!

I have been pretty good about food, tonight after dinner I threw some frozen strawberries and milk in the blender for "ice cream" for the girls and I had a bit of it. I have really realized that any time I want sweets/chocolate/etc I am just hungry and need a little bit of fat. tonight before bed my stomach was a bit rumbly hungry and so I grabbed 1/2 a banana and some coconut butter.

I had the experience again today of not being hungry. I ate breakfast around 9am, at lunch I wanted nothing to eat, I finally got hungry around 3pm but by then I was unable to get to the food I brought (I had to go sit through a pediatric life support renewal class today) and ended up eating the lara bar from my bag, but then wasn't really wanting food until dinner time. I'm not sure if this is good or bad and I'm not sure how to deal with it. I have this bizarre fear that if I'm not eating 3 square meals a day that my body will bump out of fat burning mode but at the same time I really have never not eaten when I'm not hungry (I always ate regardless of whether I was hungry or not). I'm doing a little more research about the whole idea of intermittent fasting. I also need to really look at what I'm eating when I hit that hungry place (like today, I used a lara bar because it was what was available. I had to grab my daughter and knew I would be getting hungry again so I grabbed a handful of macadamia nuts, this was before dinner).

I have continued having dairy (cheese/milk/butter) and actually am wondering if my earlier reaction could've been too much dairy at one time or if it was the chocolate.

I brought my hubby to CF yesterday and TOTALLY KICKED HIS ASS! I was so proud of myself. I did gloat a bit and tried to stop, but I just couldn't help it!

where's Lisa? she better come check in and say hi soon!

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um...I love dairy. I've been saying I'm going to stop with it for the past week and I haven't been able to kick it to the curb. I will continue on and not beat myself up. limit as much as possible (not going to buy more, so I will have it when I go out) and know I'm going to do another whole30 in June...I made alfredo sauce last night for dinner for my girls and I haven't had it since before the whole100, put a little on my fried eggplant and pasta sauce and it was delicious. but found myself slipping into my old habit of licking the spoon when cleaning the kitchen, etc. for right now I'm watching for HABITS rather than food (if I eat a piece of chocolate am I sitting enjoying it or scarfing it down while hiding in the kitchen?)

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I like your insight into habits, not food, Jess. I think that is a lot of the problem for many of us.

I have come to the conclusion that breakfast is the most important meal for me. I have never been a breakfast eater until W30. Now I'm seeing that the key to on-plan eating is breakfast. If I eat a compliant breakfast, I set myself up for making good choices all day. I'm not hungry until lunch, and not ravenous, so I can wait to eat a healthy meal instead of cramming in anything available or fighting the urge to.

So from here on, I will concentrate on making sure there are plenty of healthy breakfast options in the house, and making sure I take the time to eat them. My mornings can be hectic, and I tend to take care of everything else first, which often pushes breakfast back to several hours after I get up, or can squeeze it out entirely.

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I had a way off plan day yesterday but had ten hours sleep last night and back on track today.

The only non whole30 food I had was popcorn but way too many nuts and dried fruits and coconut cream.....

Maryann, breakfast is my favourite meal, I usually cook it the day before so its there ready to eat when I am!

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