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Jess I lurve dairy too. Too much. Cheese really. Not interested in milk but raw cheese..really I don't even keep it in the house. It is definitely cheese with no brakes for me. I do enjoy a square of it when New Seasons or Whole Foods is sampling something lucious. :)

The only thing I have off roaded on was sushi with rice and soy. Did not like the soy. WAY too salty. Enjoyed the rice, wasabi and ginger though.

Then, yesterday, I got a wild hair and went out with a friend for lox and bagels. One of my favorite things in the world. I have one on Christmas morning every year. I was so disappointed. Maybe it was just an off day for the bagel place but it just did nothing for me. Got that out of my system. :0)

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Maryann - I agree, before this 100 days I NEVER ate breakfast, instead I would have at least two sweetened coffee drinks...I didn't want to fill up on food, I might not have room for those drinks! now I eat breakfast every day. I've actually stuck to the exact same breakfast for almost the entire time, maybe changing it up a couple times, and I think staying with that breakfast has actually helped me stay on track.

so, that stinking cheese. I have been doing some research, I have a seizure disorder and since starting eating cheese I've had at least two episodes of auras (they are kind of partial seizures, you don't lose consciousness or anything, I just feel "off"), one was bad enough to ask my husband to leave the resturant we were at. I thought how crazy it would be if it were somehow connected to cheese - hahaha! seizures and cheese! well, allergies or sensitivity to caesin can caus seizures. here's the kicker...I have this information and what do I do? eat cheese tonight with dinner. I'm pretty frustrated with myself. I need at least week totally clear from dairy to really test this possibility. I have not had any gluten but it sounds like it goes hand in hand with this sensitivity. so I need to do this to help me figure this out. I need to test it again after taking it out, and I need to be clean again and then test the gluten.

I made some "muffins" today. they were on paleOMG site, they are zucchini, apple, almond butter, a little honey, and eggs. and some spices. I actually kind of liked them, I put some coconut butter on top. but I want to try some recipes with coconut or almond flour. the recipe called for baking powder and I didn't have any, so I think that would've made a difference, too.

Susan - I haven't tried anything I've missed, but I was pretty tempted with the chocolate milkshakes everyone had tonight at dinner with their burgers. grrrrrr.

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Hi All-- Jess-- here is a recipe for Alfredo sauce that is vegan. Try it and let me know!

Been doing my one cheat a day. Friday night the family came over to celebrate my birthday. I made a fully compliant dinner but my son brought an amazing birthday cake from a special bakery and I had a piece. Yesterday I had 2 slices of mushroom and onion pizza. Woke up sweaty last night for the first time in a long time. This morning I am slightly nauseous. I wonder if its the dairy or the crust.

Here's what's most interesting. I have no desire to have a glass of wine. I had 2 sips Friday night. Bleh.

I am going to do 3 compliant days starting today. Just to keep on track.

And MaryAnn-- I totally agree that breakfast is the key to the day!

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Have you tried Crio Bru? It's chccolate that brews like coffee. I have been adding it to my morning coffee and gradually reducing the caffeine. Not sure how much less this crio bru has in terms of caffeine but it adds a nice dimension to the coffee. You can brew just with the Crio bru too.

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Yay, another day without coffee, should be easier now. I was at a workshop today, passed on any morning tea, had my own tuna salad for lunch plus fruit salad but did eat dried fruit and nuts for arvo, as well as sesame snaps. These were probably 50% sugar or rice syrup but I applied the nutritional value test and they passed... Just. Probably wouldn't have except I compared them to the jelly beans I haven't been eating LOL.

Seem to be having wine often but not much... A few mouthfuls with dinner, probably would have had more but was driving to an exercise class.....

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Ate jelly beans yesterday. They have been in my house for 2 weeks and I have avoided them. They are like crack!!!! Never again!!!! Major off road. Didn't keep my word to myself. Angry. Gotta fly to DC tomorrow for funeral of a major donor to my organization. takeimg the old standby tuna, avocado, eggs and hearts of palm ( out of the can-- made that mistake before). Will have a hard time on the way back. Any ideas?

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Good Morning All!

I have really enjoyed your posts over the past few days!

The off roading comments have been both heartfelt & hilarious!

I am happy to report that I HATE jelly beans so that is one food (is that a food?) that I won't have to worry about today.

I tried a few things over the weekend...

Non GMO popcorn. A small bowl for a change. I was really worried about waking up sick from this but I had no reaction!! I do know that I can be corn sensative, so I will limit this to a treat once a week or so.

Enjoy Life dark chocolate bar. No, no, no, no no!! This was SO sweet but I ate it anyway. I tried to limit myself but the sugar dragon called to me and I found myself snacking on it just because it was there. Not a good item for me to have in the house.

Dill rice at the Mediterranean restaurant. Yuk. This surprises me the most. I love rice, but this was a bit crunchy, like it was either instant or wasn't cooked all the way and it made me so uncomfortably full too. I forgot about that feeling, which I haven't had in over 3 months.

I also felt tired, cranky, run down, hungover all day yesterday. I gotta tell you, it just wasn't worth losing an entire day feeling shitty.

I should be grateful for these little pearls but they come at a price which reminds me that I had really gotten to the point with my Whole100 where I didn't feel cheated and I felt good, energetic and healthy most days.

Dan and I ate broiled cod with sesame oil and a little soy sauce with steamed broccoli for dinner and it was SO good.

I'm going to try to limit my food testing this week (right after that last peice of chocolate is gone). I just don't think it's worth it. LOL!

Shelley, good luck with your trip!! My girlfriend told me that some of the airlines are now allowing you to bring prepared food on the plane with you. You might want to check, that could help you out if it isn't a hassle.

Jess, congrats on a no dairy day. I've never made almond or hazelnut milk. Is it easy? I'm craving some.

Justine, I LOVE sesame snaps! What's the test you're doing? Maybe I can justify sneaking some in! NOT, the sugars would finish me off.

Hi MaryAnn & Susan! How was your weekend?

MaryAnn, Got the ok to foster from my landlady. Thinking I might be picking up a fat little senior beagle named Wally to come stay with me.

Have a great day everyone!!



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Thanks for your update Linda, lots of news there. Sorry to hear rice made you feel bad, I haven't really introduced it yet. I did start to have a rice paper roll yesterday but threw it out after one bite. The regulars said they weren't nice so when I didn't like it I though no point offloading for something substandard.

My sugar test is just an informal rule I am applying.... I don't want to introduce sugar into my regular diet and I don't want to trigger my dragon by eating 100% sugar foods. But I don't want to "deny" myself occasional treats. So if a food has say less than 10% added sugar it is okay as an occasional snack, like dried fruit or sweetened cassava chips etc. Bacon and olives with 1% sugar are okay anytime. Then things like cakes are okay if they have sort of nutritional ingredients. I had a free small gf cake because it was mainly fruit and some quinoa flour. And then the sesame snaps yesterday because sesame seeds are nutritious......

I have had some 70% chocolate with 7g of sugar in the bar but didnt like it

I will be away from home three days next week, that will be interesting

I take a packet of sundries tomatoes with me on the plane now, and some fruit tubs

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hey, everybody!

Safe trip, Shelley!

I met some friends for dinner last night. Did a rummage sale fundraiser for the local parrot rescue in my store's parking lot yesterday, so in addition to all the normal work getting the store ready to open, I had to drive many carloads of stuff that we'd been storing in my garage. I had breakfast at about 6am, and never got a chance to eat again all day. By 6:30 when I got to the restaurant, I was STARVING!!!!

But I was good. They had already ordered an appetizer--homemade kettle chips drizzled with a balsamic reduction, topped with bleu cheese and put under the broiler. Not willing to reintro dairy as of yet, I ignored them until they were 3/4 gone, so that the un-cheesed chips on the bottom were exposed.

I haven't seen this group of friends in several months, so they were puzzled when I turned down the app and ordered a club soda with lime. Steve asked me if I was on 'another of your crazy diets". I said no, more like a total lifestyle change. They all had gluten-heavy meals, while I ordered a steak with a double side of 'steamed' vegetables. The steak was delicious, and the veggies were, indeed, steamed, however the kitchen's idea of a finishing touch is to ladle a cheap butter blend over them before serving. Yuck! It wasn't even real butter, it tasted like that cheap 60/40 margarine blend a lot of restaurants use. What a way to ruin a gorgeous plate of fresh, perfectly cooked veggies.

Today I can hardly keep my eyes open. I dragged myself through the things I had to do, like return all the tables I borrowed for the rummage sale, do a quick inventory and phone in some orders (I'm "off" on Mondays. Actually, I'm closed on Monday, I still wind up working at least half a day.) I got my grocery shopping done, but I have no energy for a cook-up. I don't think it's food related, I just think I did too much and got too little sleep the last couple of days.

Linda, I love, love, love! that you are going to become a foster. People don't realize how important foster homes are. So many adoptable dogs get put down because shelters are overcrowded, when many of them might have found homes if only they'd had some place to stay for a few weeks until that happened. It breaks rescuers hearts when people network a really special one and there's nowhere for it to go.

Off for a nap now.

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Thanks MaryAnn!

Coolest thing happened today.

I emailed the rescue and told them I would foster the chubby beagle named Wally. They emailed me back and said "Would you be willing to take the chocolate lab named Tessa instead?" Are you kidding me?! I am over the moon, I'm so excited. I've met Tessa and she is lovely.

She's got some medical issues but she's at a manageable point now.

I pick her up next Friday.

She's been with her current foster for close to a year so I think she'll probably be a little blue to begin with but I will do what I can to help her settle in and feel loved.


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Where's Amy? I have a new idea for my tomato paste friend. Once she turned me on to how delicious plain tomato paste is in place of ketchup, I have never bothered to make paleo ketchup again. Today, they had cooked, peel and eat shrimp on sale at Publix, so I decided a shrimp cocktail was in order. I couldn't find a compliant horseradish, so I opted for wasabi powder instead. I mixed the tomato paste, wasabi powder, a squeeze of lemon, a splash of coconut aminos and thinned it with a little water. It had just the right bite. Tomato paste rocks!

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Yes, where's Amy? Hoping all is well with her.

Big revelation around the chocolate. Big duh really. That one little bar of dark chocolate that has evaporated cane juice in it has thrown my entire body out of whack. I am having really intense hot flashes day & night and my sleep has been horrible. Like I need more of that!?

I mentioned yesterday that I threw it out. I am very clear that I just can't have this and while I could kick myself around the block, the truth is, this is what we're doing...reintroducing.

I am so surprised at what my body does not tolerate, perhaps never did. I've just never been this clear enough to understand the signals I've been getting.

My water intake for this entire journey has been horrid. I keep saying I'm going to get with it and somehow it keeps dropping off the list.

If for no other reason than to flush this crud out of my system, I'm going to commit to drinking at least 3 of my Brita bottles today.

I'll let you know how I do.

Fingers crossed.

"First we do it, then we do it well".


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hi ladies! I am loving watching our progress on here, too. and glad to know I am not the only one with these off road fender benders! I am back to no dairy (day 2). I worked the past two days and am tired, but I am also about to start my period. oddly enough even though I've been super tired I actually am somehow feeling better than I was with dairy. I can't quite wrap my head around it or explain it, but I guess I just feel a little cleaner? don't know. do know I'll try the dairy again in a week or so. I bought some goat cheese and milk today, I've heard people with bad reactions to casein often are ok with goat products. I haven't tried gluten and have read they are normally foods that, if you have reaction to one, you are more likely to have a reaction in the other.

I still have some dark chocolate in my freezer. after the major snafu with the dark chocolate with caramel I did buy some with nothing added and it's much easier for me. it's a bit too bitter for me to want more than a couple bites. BUT, like you Justine, I have decided to make some very clear rules: I cannot have it during the day, and before I eat it I must have had a complete meal with protein, fat, and veggies. during the day when I'm hungry I think about having a little bite, but this is where the problem starts. when I have some after a complete meal I don't go crazy, I have some and, even if I want more, I've been able to walk away.

I am on the fence about muffins/etc. I really enjoyed the muffins I made earlier this week, but I ate two yesterday and two the day before at work. I normally would've had a lara bar and I actually think the muffin had more nutritional value. I want to make some more baked goods because I really want to start to transition my family, but I have anxiety about not being able to control myself around muffins/etc that I know are paleo. I guess I'll never know until I try, huh? and so I guess I have my answer.

I'm going to see my therapist in a couple days and I have a lot of things that are coming up for me around food - I buy junk food for my family (I'm talking crappy sugar cereal) and then tell my kids they can't have it. I do this a lot and need to figure out what it's all about. I tell them I want them to eat healthier but then totally give in with little to no fight when they want to return to SAD foods. there are a couple more patterns I can't think of right now...just food for thought...(pun totally intended)

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Linda - the hazelnut milk is amazing and super easy - I used 1c hazelnuts: 3c water, 5 dates, 3 vanilla pods. blend until totally smooth and then pour through a nut bag. next time I might add some cocoa. I've also added cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg (those three create chai) and it's been great in my coffee again. yummers!

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Hi folks, thanks for thinking of me! MaryAnn, the tomato paste recipe looks delicious! I'm not posting here much because I'm not in a post-WholeSomething phase at the moment, so I'm mainly looking at expanding my recipe repertoire and drinking enough water. Heh. Life's good!

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I have been tired, sluggish, and lacking in ambition for a week now. At first I thought I was coming down with something, but that han't happened. The only thing I've changed, aside from a bit of rice with my sushi, and that awful butter blend at the restaurant the other night, is the honey I've been putting in my coffee. I'm taking it back out for a week and I'll see if I feel better. I don't like this, after having so much energy for so long. I am starting to feel like the 'old' me.

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MaryAnn-- are you eating enough fat? Try really logging your good for a few days and maybe you (orWe) can see the issue.

I went to the funeral in DC and stayed overnight with close friends. They took me out to dinner I are shrimp, clams, mussels -- all compliant. Then my friend ordered fried calamari. It was amazingly good. I also had a glass of wine. It is becoming increasingly clear that wine does not agree with me. So interesting. I really think I need a Whole 7.

It was good to spend a night with friends. A night off from "hyper-vigilance".

At airport. I have an apple and nuts. Should keep me til I get home.

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