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Lisa's W30 Day 1 April Fools day


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So today is my day one after a huge fried chicken Easter Dinner and some sweets yesterday. I did some cooking and shopping to prepare yesterday. I also did before pics in a bikini! I am doing this alone, but my husband is supportive. However his sweet tooth is bigger than mine, so sweets will definitely be around the house. I did weigh myself yesterday and weighed 132. I want to get healthy, break my sweets addiction, and lose some weight. I will be running 3 times a week, doing yoga and walking the dog the other 4 days. I may add some swimming once a week as well. I am also weaning myself off coffee. I intended to have no coffee this am but woke up super tired, so I had about 1/3 cup black coffee. I feel like my adrenal system is shot after too much caffeine, stress, and a round of prednisone last month.

Meal 1: 2 eggs, 1/2 sweet potato, 1/3 cup coffee (need more veggies here)

I need a simpler faster breakfast...thinking about boiling some eggs to grab and eat on the way to work...

Happy Monday!

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I'm right there with you - I'm on Day 1 of Whole30 #2. First Whole30 was January, and I felt GREAT. Have been primarily eating Paleo since then, but have slipped way off and feel crappy. So, I announced to my family that, since I'm not traveling this month and April has a convenient 30 days, I'm in!

Have tried to restart several times over the past couple of months, but have not been successful. So, I'm going to need some support, and I know this is the place to get it!

Good luck! Looking forward to comparing notes as we progress.

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My coworker brought cinnamon rolls and cake today...luckily I am stuffed. I wasn't even hungry this am after my big dinner last night but forced the breakfast down and now drinking lots of water.

Thanks for the support! I am excited to be started :) I can't wait to feel better too!

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I am starting Whole30 today, too! I've done Paleo before and had great results, but it was through a challenge at my CrossFit gym, so there was extra motivation. Since then, my father-in-law went through a very short battle with cancer and I wasn't able to spend much time cooking & preparing food. He passed away 18 days ago and it's time to pull my life back together!

Looking forward to the support of this group, and supporting others!

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So here I am day 3...and I feel pretty normal actually. No cravings I couldn't squash with herbal tea. I ran last night for an hour and had lots of energy. I wasn't exhausted after so that is new! I slept ok but woke up early to go to the bathroom. I have made a point to drink more water. Maybe I should slow the intake down closer to bedtime.

Day 2:

M1: 2 hb eggs, can of green beans, guacamole, 1/3 cup b coffee

Handful Mac nuts

M2: carnitas salad with salsa, pico, guac at chipotle

Snack: 1hb egg with homemade mayo, 4 olives

M3: grilled chicken, diced cauliflower, sautéed spinach with guac and mayo sauce

Decaf tea with T coconut milk

Day 3

M1: 2hb eggs, mayo and guac, can green beans, 1/3 cup coffee with coconut milk

I need to work on the breakfast veggies. The green beans were fast...need something better and convenient!

I feel pretty good. No real cravings or drop in energy that people warn about. I do worry about gaining weight though! ll this delicious fat to eat :). I will just keep running and watch the nuts and fruit.

There have been sweets at work daily and I have had no trouble resisting them. That's weird and good, since last week I would have scarfed down a few servings in short order. I love that I am having such an easy time! Hope it stays that way. Herbal tea is my something sweet, so will keep that up. Sip rooibos throughout the day.

The homemade mayo is to die for when mixed with hb eggs...egg salad so yummy and decadent! Love it!

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So I finished day 3 with the following food:

M2: grilled chicken, riced cauliflower, sauteed spinach with garlic, guac, herbal tea with coconut milk

snack: coconut flakes, palmful

M3: grilled chicken, riced cauliflower, guac, green salad with homemade creamy italian dressing, herbal tea

I had a small bite of pineapple when I was cutting some up for the family. I figured that was ok, not cheating? I will need to check but I think I'm safe.

I did have a desire to snack, not hungry or having any specific cravings, just wanted to eat even though i wasn't hungry. I do eat a lot out of sheer entertainment...need to work on that!

I walked the dog in the rain and that was the extent of my exercise today.

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oops...I keep forgetting to log on...but today is day 8 and I feel great :) I have stayed on the plan diligently and eating at home for all my meals. I did mess up once with herbal tea of all things...I didn't check the label of the chai tea until after and discovered it has soy lecithin in it. i was ticked! so, now i check even tea labels...Herbal tea has been my savior in slaying the sugar cravings.

My pants are fitting great today...not so tight that I spend time in the am trying to decide if they are TOO tight to wear. and they are comfortable...yay!!! plus, my acne is clearing up and I have no abdominal cramps...NONE! that is huge for me. I have been living with mild GI issues since a teenager. I discussed it with the dr a few times, had an ultrasound, but never went back for the next step...colonoscopy. I figured they would just give me medications to take and I don't want that. So, hoping to heal my gut with food...or find the foods that upset my gut and avoid them.

I don't have the huge energy burst people are talking about, but I think that is because I have some insomnia at night, but going to try natural calm to see if that helps..and lock the cat in the basement at night. That should do the trick!

I will get back to logging my meals today :)

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