Milk & Muscle Recovery

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I was just wondering what anyone thought of the research showing milk to be good for muscle recovery, such as here or here.

I used to always drink a glass of goat's milk after a weight training session. I've been off weight training for some time now, but am hoping to ease back into it and wondered if I can go back to having milk (have 'tested' it with no ill effects) as it did seem to help?

Mind you, I often used to have a warm glass of milk before bed too but I think that's one I'll probably have to kick to the curb.

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Like you, I do not notice any problems from consuming dairy, but not noticing problems does not make milk a superior choice.

You can go back to milk after a Whole30 if you want, but nothing in these articles deals with the negatives to consuming dairy that are discussed in It Starts With Food. And there is nothing in these articles that suggests milk is a superior post-workout choice to lean meat and a starchy vegetable. The first article is opinion based upon weight lifting tradition, not research. The real benefit highlighted by the article is convenience and cost versus various supplements. The second article is crap research that compares milk to water or a sports drink, not real post-workout nutrition like lean chicken or beef and a sweet potato.

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