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Folks with a partner/spouse on AIP!

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So my question is for anyone out there whose spouse/partner is moving to AIP after doing a Whole30...do you eat what they eat? Or cook anything extra for yourself (stuff with more variety/spices)? My husband has colitis and some other as-yet-unknown auto-immune issues, and while he has noticed some definite improvements in certain areas on the normal Whole30 (we are 20 days in, I think), he is running into digestive issues and feels he needs to step it up to AIP. I am totally with him on this, I think it's for the best, and I'm happy to continue eating like this indefinitely...but no nightshades for me too? No curry or tomato sauce or nuts as a lovely little garnish? Augh! If I don't have a reason to cut those out, I really don't want to.

So is anyone out there cooking multiple meals? Does anyone have any suggestions on how to prep/cook meals moving forward? I want to be supportive of his choice, but I also want to continue to eat some of these foods...

Thanks in advance!

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I'm on the autoimmune protocol, too as I have the autoimmune arthritis associated with Crohn's disease. Thankfully, I have no bowel issues and haven't needed meds for it in 30 years.

My suggestion is to think of you stuff as garnishes or toppers. Let's say you want to make spaghetti squash and meatballs with tomato sauce. Just make another topper for your hubby, something like vegan pesto (no cheese) and you eat the tomato sauce. Sprinkle nuts on your portion, leave off of his.

I'm trying not to think of what I'm doing as restrictive, but it is. I love tomato sauce and eggplant and sweet potatoes. But if this gets me out of the medical trouble I'm in, it's worth it.

I already tend to think of a base that gets garnishes I can't eat because my family isn't on board AT ALL, so I make the center of the meal something I can eat, then add things to theirs to make it palatable for them.

Good luck to both of you! Don't restrict if you don't have to.....


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