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Let's Dance

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Hahaha! I dance while doing food prep...it's my favorite habit. ;)

I dig the music share idea, I'll start us off with my all-time top 3 shake my booty tunes:

1. Anything by Queen, particuarly "Fat Bottomed Girls"

2. Volbeat "Still Counting"

3. Tom Jobim "Mais Que Nada"

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I love to dance in the kitchen, too!

The most recent song I danced to at home was "In da club" by 50 cent. My husband brought home a Kinect for work and it is one of the songs on the dance game.

A song from yesterday's workout that I always love dancing to is "Hello Bonjour" by Michael Franti.

My favorite hidden track is "Thank you for the music" by Abba and performed by Amanda Seyfried.

I was weaned on Queen and one song that gets my jive going is "This thing called love."

In my head, I dance like this:

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Today I have two choices.

The Pussycat Dolls - When I grow up

Fatboy Slim - Funk Soul Brother

Tomorrow, I am thinking of learning the wobble or the cha cha slide.

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Hmmm...I'll have to look up some Josh Groban.

Yesterday, I was cooking most of the day, so it was easy to dance. I had Pitbull radio on and Bruno Mars radio. The song that really got me going was James Brown's I got you. I can still hear it and the brass gets me going.

I think I'm with Susan...please let there be no security cameras.

Today, dancing in front of mirrors and others in about 15 minutes!

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I enjoyed a Latin warm-up with Shakira's I'm a gypsy and Ozomatli singing about shaking it right before my cool down.

I just returned to dance with some amazing women. Now that we are sharing this here, I feel my primal (internet-based) world meeting my feminine world.

Makes you wanna - sounds like we may be feelin' some classic Usher tomorrow. And, yes, it does make me wanna!

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I think Zumba has gained such wide appeal because it's secretly primal activity. Much more fun to dance around the bonfire with your friends than to run on the treadmill. I never worry that I'm falling into the chronic cardio trap with Zumba because it hits some totally different brain centers than slogging through a 3 mile run.

That said, I Lean(ed) Like a Cholo this morning.

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Today was a close call, but my Bruno Mars station played me some Sweet Caroline and Brown Eyed Girl while I was doing dishes. :)

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Good Feeling by Flo Rida

Give Me Everything by Pitbull and Ne-Yo

Dance Again J-Lo And Pitbull

Followed by a little Disturbed, Santana, Three Days Grace, Puddle of Mud and Seether.

My dogs think I am crazy.. :P



Josh Groban, Sarah Brightman, Alessandro Safina, Jose Cura, Andrea Bocelli and Pavarotti. :)

Some very fine men there, especially Andrea and Alessandro. O M G... B)

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My dogs are mostly OK with dancing, but bear crawls get my heels bitten!

Seether...very nice.

I think my Bruno Mars station is broken. BUT, I wasn't quite feeling the dancing today and clicked on the radio and got to shake my tail feathers with Rockin' Robin by Bobby Day. I particulary felt like I must be doing something right when I heard the whistle at the end. :-)

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Why are you surprised, Robin?

Yesterday was a Toby Keith, Brooks n Dunn and Tracy Lawrence kinda day and a few others.. :)

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

How Do Ya Like Me Now

Should've Been A Cowboy

Rock My World(Little Country Girl)

Only In America

Honky Tonk Stomp

Red Solo Cup

Who's Your Daddy

Beer For My Horses

How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye

Haven't quite got started today.. :ph34r:

Do any of you listen to music to wind down your day? Or music that inspires?

I like to listen to Il Divo to wind down the day or The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, stuff along those lines. :)

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I am in love with Songza, have you guys tried it? It streams music that fits certain mood/activity/time if day. Great playlists.

My choice today is "Enjoying the morning" + "Summer all year long", makes the fact it's cold and raining outside bearable.

I have a "public" dancing sin :) I always dance on my way home after ballet classes. I can't help it! Thank God not that many people are in the streets at 10pm.

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Well... Pitbull kinda makes my toes tingle. :o

I've always been interested in what other people listen to and it always delights me when I find someone who likes the same music I do, especially when it's not the "norm".

My musical interests are varied and wide.. in case no one has noticed, I will give any music/artist a fair shot and I probably have at least one or two songs from every genre that I can't live without.

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