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Let's Dance

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Sharon - Primarily because I never would have pegged you for a Pitbull kinda girl ;)

No, I'm just really fascinated by people's choices in music (across the board, not just you ladies). It's one of my strange fascinations.

I find it fascinating, too, so I have to ask, Robin, have you been dancing in your kitchen this month?

Why are you surprised, Robin?

Yesterday was a Toby Keith, Brooks n Dunn and Tracy Lawrence kinda day and a few others.. :)

Boot Scootin' Boogie

Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

How Do Ya Like Me Now

Should've Been A Cowboy

Rock My World(Little Country Girl)

Only In America

Honky Tonk Stomp

Red Solo Cup

Who's Your Daddy

Beer For My Horses

How A Cowgirl Says Goodbye

Haven't quite got started today.. :ph34r:

I wasn't feeling well enough for class this morning, so I am a little behind, but this list gives me a place to start!

Other songs from this week included "Down Under" from Men at Work. I can't get that vegemite sandwich out of my head, although I hear it is not palatable to Americans. And, this thread got me over to David Bowie and "Let's Dance." How did I miss that 12 days ago?

There were some awesome latin and African rhythms in class earlier this week, but they went by too quickly and I was too busy dancing. I'll try to ask next time. Ooh, 30 minutes until the Friday Jam!

Oh, and Sharon, I have all kinds of playlists for all kinds of moods. I have some four on the floor stuff for cooking and some softer beats for reading. Then, there are the happy beats in the middle - Iz comes to mind.

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Alrighty, so for yesterday's WOD (which was a BRUTAL tabata superset, thank you yams for the energy boost ;) ) was kept going by a whole bunch of Live, MotherLoveBone, Nirvana, and some Beastie Boys for good measure. While we cooked dinner, we rocked a whole bunch of STP, Bush, and Animals as Leaders. Yes, there was a whole lotta booty shakin' going on! Today so far, more Tosin Abasi, and I'm thinking it's gonna be a Bowie kind of day while I make brekky :D

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He was cute in that older gentlemanly way and he reminded me of Alan Alda. His name was Dave(from Minnesota) and he was visiting his son.

We've lived here for 7 years and honestly, the first 5 I hated it because I truly do miss the seasons but I've realized that Florida has a lot to offer and just recently started taking advantage of all it. The beach has always been my favorite place but when we moved here it no longer felt like a treat to visit but... I discovered that it can still be a treat and I should enjoy it as often as I can. :) Never too old to learn a lesson.

Sundays are kind of what we call winding down days.. so it was a lot of soft instrumentals.

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I went to NM and wasn't able to check in, but I kept on dancing with you!

This one was inspired by a friend and the video had my husband dancing!!!

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