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Getting my life back

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Started a whole30 in November and after a short break started a whole100 in December which I have just finished.

I aim to continue pretty much without sugar, grains, dairy and legumes for as long as I can, hopefully forever. And since I just successfully made some sugar-free chocolate and a dried fruit egg muffin I reckon that's achievable. Disclaimer... I have gluten and dairy intolerances and can't digest legumes due to fodmap sensitivity so I am really only giving up rice and corn and expensive gf grains and sugar, syrup and honey.

The last few days I have had some juice, wine, bacon with 1% sugar, plain potato chips and the treats mentioned above. I don't feel quite as healthy and might be coming down with a cold already after not being sick at all for the last 100. So it's back to healthy eating for the rest of the week!

I chose the title because the last 4 years have been a roller coaster of various diets and being fixated on food ALL the time. I am free from my sugar dragon now and ready to eat normally and healthily and let my weight and shape take care of itself.

Coffee, nuts and coconut cause digestive issues for me and this triggers cravings so I know I need to limit my intake of these.

My short term goals are to lose a little weight and stay in good health for a surgical procedure I am getting done in May.

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Suffering from a headache and sore throat :(

Sleep 7.5 hours

M1 egg and bacon frittata, tomato soup, coffee

M2 salad, beef burger, pumpkin, mandarin, cocoa

M3 tuna in olive oil, veg/fruit purée ...don't think I was really hungry just bored.

M4 veal, carrots, beans, potato, watermelon, dates, egg muffin

M5 bacon and eggs

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Still got a sore throat :(

M1 pancakes! Eggs, hazelnut meal and blueberries, coffee

M 2 beef burger and watermelon

M3 vege soup and the other part of the beef burger, dried fruit, young coconut

M4 salad with olives and walnuts and beef

Been eating a bit much lately and too often.

Tomorrow the plan is eat what I like but only three times. Also taking a break from coffee and cocoa

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  • 6 months later...

Okay I'm back! Still healthy but overweight..... I am going to monitor what I eat for awhile in a bid to lose some weight. Despite a year of whole9 eating pretty much, I haven't learnt to only eat what my body needs... Perhaps I can't handle so much protein and fat. Perhaps my mind can't come to grips with only eating what my body wants, I don't know.

I do know that I am very happy to take the basic healthy foods of a whole9 and focus on those for my meals. But I might try allowing a small amount of chocolate, chips and wine into my weekly program... And monitor energy in and energy out for awhile to get a better picture of my daily routine... And try to remind my mind what is sensible eating for me.

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Day 1.... Good sleep then went for a walk after breakfast to make up for missing my 530am walk.

Took my weight... Not pretty... And measurements. 10 weeks till Xmas approx so my goal is to do the best I can for 70 days.

One of my actions is to increase muscle mass again and fire up my metabolism once more

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70 days until Christmas!  Yikes!  That seems far away and too close at the same time.  LOL  It's a good way to think about it, though.  I am with you - I want to do my best for the next 70 days to feel as good as possible at Christmas.  Great goal!  I also need to increase muscle!  I will be interested to see how your food tweaking helps in your weight loss efforts.  Though there are good things about this way of eating, I am not finding it to be much help in losing weight. 

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Welcome Jen. Your support will be sincerely appreciated. I have gained at least 5 kgs. A lot has happened since my first whole30 last October including surgery and retuning to work full time.... But I need to start losing weight or buy bigger clothes! My running is really suffering too.... Now that I'm getting back into it again..... The whole9 foods are great for health and reducing inflammation. I did my first one hour run in a long time a few days ago and was hardly sore, unlike the first time when I needed a week to recover... But I want to be fit as well as healthy now!

Day 2 went okay..... Didnt get around to exercising until 4 pm but at least I did it.

Tracking what I eat is an eye opener for how much I have been eating without realising..... Some of my meals are quite light, others twice as substantial so getting a balance is/will be important!

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Day1 of 35 today... That will take me to December 1st. I've been experimenting a bit with sugar, dairy and grains... What a disaster...headaches, bloating, irritability, extreme tiredness and skin infections that won't heal without antibiotics. So back to real food today, kicking and screaming and with two coffees and four headache pills to make it but kept away from wine and sugar despite a big family birthday celebration so hopefully on the way again to good health.

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Being on a whole something makes it so much easier for some reason to say no to the treats at parties.  I guess because it makes me consciously decide to give up or not rather than just mindlessly diving in.  Great job avoiding the wine and sugar!  And good luck on the next 35 days.  I have 5 days left of my interrupted W32 which ended up being W16+16.  I'm not sure yet what I'm going to do in November, but it will be a W something.  It just helps. 

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So I've joined this group http://forum.whole9life.com/topic/14378-join-our-whole30-group-starting-mon-28th-oct/

And am starting counting Day 1 from today.... Coffee free first day... Will try to reduce cocoa too.

M1 pumpkin soup, roast pork, silver beet and some strawberries

5 km walk at lunchtime

M2 roast pork and salad with seeds and olives, an orange

Cocoa... Just one spoon of raw in hot water

Basketball with my son after work

M3 carrots, broccoli, sweet potato, beans, beef, bacon and pineapple roll ups, another piece of pineapple, yum!

Now for 8 hours sleep!

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Hihi.  I thought I'd join you over here to log my meals.  And be supportive!  Hope the coffee-free day went well!!


1: eggs, bacon, sp, kale, banana, coffee/cm/cinn

2: chicken, carrots, olives, nuts,

3: steak, carrots, squash, sp, TJ's chai/cm, possibly a piece of fruit


I waited too long to eat meal 2 and then did not eat enough protein.  So I got hungry 3hrs later. No exercise today. Feeling pretty good for day 1.  Woohoo!!  Looking forward to some sleep.


Happy Eating!!

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Can I join this group too to log my nosh ( food )

Monday - day 1

Bacon mushrooms tomatoes and 1 egg

Banana handfull of nuts

It all went a bit pair shaped then friends came round an talked about what happened which set me off on a bit of a binge.

Cooked a lovely Indian pork meal and aloo gobi with sweet potatoes but by the time OH came in didn't fancy it which set me off again on non complient food.

Well done all - happy eating xxx

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The more the merrier... Almcc day 1 I was a bit headachey but not today... Maybe it will hit me tomorrow? I did have tea and cocoa, maybe that is slowing the coffee withdrawal... Plus was quite active.

Day 2 8 hours broken sleep

Did my fave body combat class at 6am

M1 pumpkin soup, pork, silver beet and pineapple, 4 hazelnuts and a spoon of avocado

PreWO meat broth and four almonds

5km run in about 34 minutes

M2 salad, avocado, roast pork, 2 kiwi fruit and a mandarin

Cocoa in hot water

M3 stir fry beef and veg and a slice of pineapple, still a bit hungry.....don't want to go to the effort of eating more though...

Looking forward to my bed tonight!

Was incredibly hungry and had crampy legs at 9pm so had carrot, sweet potato and mixed seeds with a spoon of ghee

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Day 3 8.5 hours sleep, felt tired all over this morning...

M1 tomato, mushrooms, bacon and egg cooked in sesame oil with the last of the pumpkin soup, plus cocoa with a spoon of coconut milk

Pre WO carrot, boiled egg, nuts

45 mins outdoor circuit 12-1pm.

M2 beef stir fry with seeds, mushroom soup, orange. Heated my meal up at 130 pm then forgot about it till 230pm... Oops, as a result I was hungry again at 430pm so had more nuts, not ideal but that's reality.

M3 roast chicken and veg, watermelon and some cocoa with coconut cream

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Juzbo - do you think being tired is a symptom of detoxing? I wonder. I was exhausted during my 1st whole30. And the second time I felt really pooky the 1st week. Carb flu, maybe? I've got a cold now - so I don't know what is causing my pookiness. Hope you start feeling better.

I am trying to only eat what sounds appealing and eat according to the template.

Meal 1: eggs, homemade turkey sausage, kale, sp, coffee/cm/cinn

2: chicken, kale, sp, banana, sunbutter (no sugar)

3: tuna (yuck - so I switched to a bit of chicken) veg, carrots, avo, tea/cm. really want a piece of fruit. Will try to abstain.

Started antibiotics today. Will up my enzymes tomorrow and have some broth.

Happy eating.

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It's okay to have fruit, especially the first week it seems to make it a bit easier. This time the overall tiredness was from body combat, using all those small muscles that have been hibernating. I have mainly stayed fully fat adapted this year as I didn't resume any sugars or grains after my first 30 which I followed with a 100. The last two weeks though I had some honey, sugar, icecream, grains and sweets so I will probably be affected by sugar withdrawal. I will notice it more in the second half of the week probably. I also get the all over tiredness from drinking alcohol when I haven't had it for a month interestingly.

I hope you get well quickly.

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Day 4 9 hours sleep

M1 chicken and veg, tomato and zucchini sop and half a small mango

5km lunchtime walk

M2 mince and vg with spinach, an apple. Still hungry so had a carrot and a tin of tuna.

Pre WO... Or half my M3 dinner, piece of baked chicken

3 km Halloween walk

Rest of M3 late, half an avocado, boiled egg, mushroom broth

No cocoa today, skin still inflamed, I'm watching/working on eliminating eggs and citrus also and looking for improvements. Seasonal allergies are bad right now too

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Hi. Yesterday went well except for feeling sick. This what I ate day 3

1: eggs, sausage, kale, sp, coffee/cm/cinn

2: steak, lettuce, cucumber,onion, banana

3: sausage, kale, sp, plantains

Day 4

1: eggs, bacon, squash, coffee/cm

Not sure about the rest if the day. Need to shop and stock up on kale. :)

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