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My second whole30


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I started my first whole30 on February 24th and had such good results with it that I'm going to continue with what I'm doing for awhile longer. Is there such a thing as doing this too long? I'm reasoning is that I want to make sure my sugar cravings are totally gone as I don't want to revert back to old ways. When I started my whole30 I took starting measurements, which I will share here. Needless to say I'm pleased!

Starting stats:

Bust 43 1/2

Waist 43 1/2

Hips 44 1/2

Thighs 25 1/2

Upper arm 14 1/4

Starting weight: 181

Ending stats:

Bust: 40

Waist 32 1/2

Hips 42

Thighs 25

Upper arms 12 1/4

End Weight: 162

In general I didn't find the whole 30 to be all that bad but the first week was kind of rough which I'm chalking up to detoxing/the low carb flu. I cut out sugar, caffeine, soda, and all other junk so I'm saying it makes sense why I was feeling crappy.

The biggest change that I've noticed is that I sleep so much better and have way more energy then I have had in a very long time. I can wake up at 8 and easily stay up until at least midnight most nights.

Biggest triumph: Surviving Easter and sticking to my goals. It wasn't easy seeing my mom's family are totally junk food crazy. For the first time ever I was able to pass up the candy, chips, soda, juice, pasta salad, bread, cheese danish's etc. Of course everyone thinks I'm crazy for giving everything up. That's how families tend to be I think.

Here's to another successful month!

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Another fantastic day! It just gets easier and easier today I made a big pot of chili for dinner. The chili had carrots, zuchini, kale, grass fed ground beef, and diced tomatoes. YUM!

Pet peeve: when everyone in my family decides to eat what I cook then I have to cook twice as often.... Plus side is I don't really get bored with what I cook. Just taxing for a college student.

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B- 2 egg omelet, peppers, onions, turkey

L- huge salad with greens, kale, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and tuna

D- sausage, zuchini and kale bake.

I find it interesting on how with clean eating the cravings just seem to stay away. I had the most awesome nap today usually I'm not tired mid day but today was my off day from classes so I think it was my body's way of saying that I needed a little extra rest (3 hours to be exact). We'll see how this effects my sleep tonight.

I never thought I'd actually enjoy clean eating but I really do love it. I look at food in a totally different way. I feel no need to snack and I stay full until meal time. A lot of times I'm still not really hungry come meal time but I try and make sure I eat something.

I've been considering making banana ice cream at some point. It's a one ingredient ice cream where you just slice up your bananas then freeze them then blend until smooth then freeze for awhile longer. Not sure if that would just be considered a fruit or if it would be a treat? Would that be considered off roading from plan? I mean it's just a fruit after all?

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