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My Whole 27.5


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Today is technically Day 30 of my Whole 27.5. I made the decision as I bought dessert for Easter (even though a few days earlier, I was fine buying candy for the event, and even purposefully chose candy I wouldn't really want), that having a taste of dessert a few days early wasn't a big deal. I felt pretty good about how I had done for those 26 days or so at that point. So, I did let myself have some dessert, and during dinner, I did end up having some of those cheesy potatoes, and a few hours later my body let me know it was a bad decision. :( It wasn't worth it, and I am pretty sure I am more sensitive to dairy than I thought before.

I did do better on day 29, and day 30 is going well so far too. I am going out of town for several days tomorrow, and then again in two weeks for one daughter's graduation, and another daughter's wedding a week after that, so I think other than the two weeks in between, I will have to be gentle with myself when choices are more limited than I would like.

I did reward myself with two new Paleo cookbooks (should come by my birthday this next weekend) for doing pretty well this month, even though I was not perfect. I did lose about 7-8 lbs., which I was happy with since I am in the healthy range. I lost 1-2 inches in places too. I have gone up and down with energy, but I think I figured out I need to fuel my body more after workouts. So, I am new to this and still learning a lot, but I feel it was a good start for me on my path to clean eating and good health.


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