Done with first W30!

Nassim Sa

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Yesterday was the last day of my W30! I am going to continue the program with rare exceptions since I experienced so many good things: my skin has cleared, my sleep is much better, I don't need coffee when I wake up or in the afternoon, etc. All in all, I feel great.

I know that weight loss is not the primary goal and health is the priority, but, still I would like to lose weight -- which didn't happen for me! I lost 2 pounds only. My clothes fit the same as before. I am 5'2" and 144 pounds.

Due to some issues, I can't crossfit. I workout at home every (other) day: pilates and aerobics for about 30'.

I just want to know what changes I can make in order to lose weight as I go forward?

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Thanks! So, you recommend that I stick with the program and I will see results. One reason I am a bit skeptic is that I am afraid that I have hit a plateau already-- although I didn't go on the scale during W30, I think the 2 pounds came off in the beginning (first 10 days). What suggestions do you have for people who hit a plateau?

Anyway, I was going to continue clean eating -- so we'll see. Hopefully, I will be proven wrong by the end of the next W30.

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