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Post Whole45, transitioning to paleo/primal

Jessica M.

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Well, my stab at a second W30 didn't work out, but I am still trying to keep the skills I learned and the knowledge gained from the past couple of months. Jan 2-Feb 15 was the first time I'd tried anything like this. Still so much to do to rewire my brain. And I think it will take ages and much resolve if I decide to transition the family (e.g. have been buying real maple syrup the past couple of months for them instead of the maple flavored bad stuff... hubby did the shopping this week and shows me a bottle,"I kind of had to go back to the good syrup, (Son) and I just don't like the other stuff"... Ugh! He won't read either (books) so I have been selectively passing along info in emails or conversation. One day. We shall see.

Right now, I am trying to keep my own long term goals in mind (I want to lose about 60-75 lbs, get off the meds I take for anxiety and depression, get off BCPs, fix my sinus issues, etc.) and set some mini goals for April. Yesterday I got home from work late but still prepped a bunch of veggies, so that's good so far. And there are hard boiled Easter eggs.

April Goals:

Go to bed at a decent time. Do not start work or play on the computer after 10 pm. Do not check Facebook before bed. Just go to bed.

Start a yoga class. There are two that are not too far off route on my commute home from work that I could potentially make on Wednesdays (one place at 6 one at 6:30). Do it. Stop talking about it. That means TOMORROW. I did do a yoga video at home the other day but it sort of turned into a comedy by the end. One dog licked me the entire time and then started humping my elbow. Then the family got back home from GOING TO GET ICE CREAM and the kids were way too interested in watching me and interrupting. So... will try a class.

Keep avoiding soy. Don't think I have had any intentionally since Jan 2. (Possibly some soybean oil when we ate out, etc.)

AVOID DAIRY. I keep trying to add it back in but after last week I am pretty convinced it makes my sinuses worse and perhaps makes me hurt all over. I was in bad, bad shape Thurs/Fri after a few days back on yogurt and a tiny bit of cheese and cream at one meal. It was awful. Even if it doesn't happen to be that and it is a coincidence, it's not the best for me and way too calorie-dense.

Don't go crazy when away. This weekend my son and I have to go to Orlando for a competition (overnight in a hotel, restaurant eating). Two weeks from now I will be 4 or 5 nights in a hotel for work (we run a conference 2x a year and work it ourselves)—catered breakfast and lunch, dinners at restaurants, cocktails with coworkers and colleagues. It will be mystery food much of the week, but I can at least avoid all the crazy sweets and snacks they put out for us. Wonder if I can find small cans/packs of coconut milk for my coffees. The days are long, long, long, so going all week without coffee would just drive me back to diet soda.

Contact doctor re. blood work. I have blood work next week for a physical after my work conference. Want to contact the office before that and have them run some allergy panels in addition to the usual stuff. Want to check The Paleo Solution (in ch 7 now) for ideas of other tests to ask for.

Wish me luck! I'm 13 lbs down since Jan 2, but 12 of that was from the original 45 days. I am kind of stalled out now. Eating too much. Vacillating back and forth between eating well and being lazy and wanting sugar in my coffee and yogurt with fruit instead of veggies and protein as prescribed. Eating way too many nuts. Introducing sunflower butter and eating gobs of it on apples. Need to keep the long term goals in mind and not give up just because it's been a few weeks and I am getting bored. Strength! Resolve! Persistent desire to be better! Have to do this.

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Gives new meaning to "down dog." :P

It was pretty cute and funny at first. He especially doesn't like when my face is down. Even if I lie on a pillow he will dig under my hair to find my face. :-) My little snuggle buddy. But by the end it was comical AND frustrating!

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Food so far today:

Breakfast: banana and cm coffee on car ride then 3 HB eggs minus 1 yolk with some avocado slices at work. More cm coffee.

Snack: raw almonds.

Lunch: cucumber salad with wholly guacamole single serve packet. Ground beef, green pepper, onion sautéed mixture.

Can't breathe today and am super sleepy. Only about 5.5 hrs sleep.

Checked out the bill situation after shelling out $400+ on a/c service and another $300+ on my car service and a new tire. Don't think I'll be starting that yoga class today after all. Only $15 a class but supposed to stay overnight in Orlando Sat after Odyssey o the mind tournament and that could go toward that. Or gas.

Maybe if I do a yoga video after the kids are in bed or at least go walking w/o dogs. Ugh.

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Wednesday dinner was a piece of tilapia hubby cooked w olive oil spray and lemon pepper. Steamed broccoli with clarified butter and some avocado. Had a few (small) sweet potato coconut flour cocoa brownies (sweetened w honey and dark chocolate chips have sugar). The small brownies probably added up to about 2 big ones.

Never exercised. Went to bed really early. Thought this was just allergies or that I am getting asthma in my old age, but now am scratchy too so it seems to be a cold. :-(

Not going to stay in Orlando fri OR Sat now. Will just drive home (about 2 hours). Can't spend the money. DS will be upset and I am disappointed too. Would have been a little treat for us. Oh we'll.

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Thurs 4/4

Breakfast: 1/3 acorn squash with a bit of coconut oil, salt and pepper. Cold grilled chicken and a banana in the car. Finished a coconut water (sweetened and chocolate flavored) I bought on tues. I didn't like it but no time to make coffee. Had 2 cups cm coffee at work so far. Mah have to make another soon my throat is so sore. Chest feels very congested. May try to leave early.

Lunch will be 2/3 acorn squash and ground beef/peppers and onions sautée I made the other day. Maybe carrots and avocado too if I am hungry. Maybe just the avocado.

Dinner: I have g beef I have to finish so a burger and probably broccoli with clarified butter.

I want to go home, have ramen noodles and sleep for 24 hours. Wah. Not super sick but feeling whiney.

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Hmm. The soup sounds good if I can get some quality broth. Not so sure about that tea though. ;-). Thanks, Nadia.

Was wondering today if whole foods sells soup bones. Maybe I will take a trip tomorrow while I am off work. Now I AM going to stay out In Orlando Sat night. DS is happy. I wish my tax return money would show up so I could relax about it. But thankful to be getting a return.

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