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Whole Lotta Whole 30


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Well, I am beginning my Whole 30 today. My original goal was to start April 1st, but that didn't work out, so today is day one. Last spring I had started a Whole 30 and made it to day 15 and was SO happy with the results I had, but I fell off the wagon and have been scrambling since.

Over the holidays I probably gained about 10 lbs and haven't lost a pound of it, but I also have been eating terribly and not doing much for exercise. Last summer I ran almost every day and was happily logging 10 mile long runs, now, 3 miles seems like a far distance.

My goals for this Whole 30 are to feel better (less digestive issues, fatigue, etc), lose some the holiday weight and then some, if possible, and to start training for a half marathon in June. It will be great to have the support this website offers and I look forward to feeling great in 30 days!

Let's see so far today:

*I didn't eat breakfast-I do use an eating window and do daily 15 hour fasts from 8:00 pm to 11:00 am.

*Lunch at 11:30:

Baked venison coated in flax seed and spices (left over from last night)

Vegetable stir fry with slivered almonds (also left over from last night)

*I'm not sure what I will be having for supper yet, I need to better plan ahead...

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Intermittent fasting (15 hour fast) is not compatible with doing a Whole30. IF messes with your hormones if you are not already rock solid and you are not rock solid at this point. You would be tying an anchor around your waist and trying to run a race if you keep avoiding breakfast. The best thing you can do to get your hormones in their proper rhythm is to eat breakfast within an hour of waking each day.

I know fasting sounds like a good way to lose weight, but trust me, it is not.

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I agree completely with what Tom said. I find that on the days that I skip breakfast or don't eat enough I get really snacky in the evenings. I was never a breakfast eater and really didn't get hungry until 10 am. I made myself eat breakfast wether hungry or not for the first two weeks of my W30 (in August). Since then, I wake up hungry. The only exception is if I've eaten dairy the day before. I don't sleep well and I have no appetite. Needless to say, dairy is pretty much nonexistent in my meals. I will make exceptions every now and then, but I pay a price.

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