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Day 1, April 2


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I just (re)started the Whole 30 today. I was excited to find this website. I have been trying a low-carb lifestyle, but since I have IBS and asthma, and am already dairy and gluten free, I often had trouble with all the dairy and artificial sweeteners in many of the low-carb plans. So going dairy and grain-free won't be too hard. The legumes won't be difficult, either. But the sugar!... However, I have been really ill the last couple of months with asthma, bronchitis, sinus infections, ear infections, and borderline pneumonia, and I'M TIRED OF LIVING THIS WAY! Interestingly, since I have quit grains (again) today, I have noticed that a severe hacking cough I've been battling seems to be gone! Please tell me that this is a result of the diet! If so, I'm sold!

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