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First round of Whole30, FINISHED!


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Whole 30 Summary. 3-4-2013 to 4-2-2013

I dropped 7.3 pounds on the whole 30 and I dropped 4.25 inches off my body, including 2.5 inches off my waist.

I decided to do the whole30 when I read the info on the whole9 site and I thought, I can do that. I got a copy of the book (thank you Dallas and Melissa) and I read it so fast it was scary. I loved all the information and it just seemed to hit home for me. I wanted to find a way to be healthier and stronger.

What I felt went great:

I loved how I was able to change my eating habits. I felt like I was a pretty good eater, but now I know how wrong I was. I love that I found other sources of protein besides greek yogurt and protein shakes.

I learned how important meal prep is, and it was key to some of my weaker moments (though I never broke) My skin is so clear now it is amazing, I hardly every have stomach upset, and I love that my kids even liked some of the recipes I used.

Where I could have improved (and what I am doing for my second whole30, or would it be whole60 since I am doing them back to back)

Meal planning! The first two weeks I just winged it, and it was hard sometimes to stay full and on top of food. I also experienced appetite fatigue because I was not using spices to my advantage and trying new recipes. The third week I got lazy and I used nuts as my go to food because I did not do meal prep (yeah I only clued in on the the last week...I can't even imagine what all I missed out on) So, week three, lots of nuts, not so great. I felt slower that week, and I know it was because my body was lacking in nutrients, since I was living on chicken and nuts pretty much.

One other thing I wish I had planned on, PROBIOTICS! I took for granted that my body was in such crisis, and when I healed, it needed probiotics. So, after 2 weeks I was religious about taking them.

A few more insights, for the next 30 days:

I need to be better about my pre-work out and post-work out meals. Often times I head to the gym right after dinner, so the pre-work out meal seems void, but when I get home, I need to be better about eating something nutritious to say thank you to my body for all it does for me during my workouts.

My sugar dragon is still roaring, she is stubborn and not giving up easily. I think I slipped up and re awakened her when week 3 hit and I had some gum. I know that may not sounds like much, but it is sugar, and it is definitely when I started battling myself to not just have fruit for dinner.

I miss smoothies! It is getting warmer, and I LOVE to make smoothies for me and my boys. I need to figure out how to make them protein packed and still delicious. I usually would put protein powder or greek yogurt, but since those are still out I will need to figure it out. Perhaps paring it with a grilled chicken breast. (hmm) I guess that was less of insight, and more just thinking out loud (typing out loud?)

More water, some how I got out of my great habit of drinking lots of water... I need to fix that.

I am traveling to NC and DC at the end of the month and I am staying with family and friends. I am not sure how this will going, being in someone's space and still sticking to whole30 compliance. Any helpful hints are welcome.

All in all I really enjoyed the whole30, and highly recommend it. (already got 2 people starting or started and 1 more is starting next week) I am pleased with 7 pounds, especially since I had been dancing around the same 2-3 pounds for about a month. I am so happy to have released my addiction to dairy. Dallas told me that the hardest things to give up is probably the thing doing the most damage to my body...I know that this is true, and luckily have no desire or craving to reintroduce it into my diet.


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