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Breastfeeding Mum starting Whole30 July 2


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Hi, I'm starting my first Whole30 next week so wanted to make it official by introducing myself here.

I'm VERY excited and a little nervous about this challenge but I feel completely ready to do it. I am breastfeeding 14month old twins so am a little concerned about my milk supply being affected but am confident if I eat enough I shouldn't have a problem. I have been primal(ish) for a couple of months but have put on weight which I put down to still consuming dairy, the odd grain meal in the weekends and from upping my fat and protein (a lot). I'm really hoping the Whole30 will help reset my diet so I can work out a good balance of what to eat that suits me.

My main challenge is I'm a stay at home Mum looking after three kids and while I have complete strength and control of my diet when I'm out or with other people I tend to break the good habits when I'm bored, alone or stressed. So, when I feel the urge to cheat I plan to log in here or call a friend for support.

I live in Auckland, New Zealand so if there are any other Kiwi's out there that would like to join me please let me know.

This Whole30 forum seems like a great community so I'm stoked to join it.

Thanks for reading. Caz

p.s. all our beef is pasture raised in NZ and we have just gone 1/4's in an organic cow with some friends so we will be well stocked for a while and all cuts work out to be NZ$6 kilo which is a bargain down here! Yay!!

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Best of luck on your W30 and well done you on feeding *two* babies, awesome!

You have iidentified what your triggers are so maybe write down some ideas off how you are going to deal with them? I can't imagine the first 2 happenning all that much with your brood though :D

For example:

When I am bored I will .......read a chaper of ISWF and make notes/highlight

When I am alone/lonely I will ......paint my toenails

When I am stressed I will.....take off my shoes & walk in the garden.

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Thanks so much for the support Dervalc, some good tips too.

I failed to mention that I think my biggest food trigger is from being tired. I haven't had a full nights sleep in over a year so I definitely turn to coffee and food for energy. The good thing is I get out for a 45 minute brisk walk every day which helps clear my foggy mind and refresh me.

Countdown is on!

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