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Starting today 4/4 - worried about upcoming travel


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I have been clean-eating for about 2 years now, but started following Paleo eating practices Labor Day, 2012. I've been very successful. However, give me a Paleo-sanctioned treat, I turn into Cookie Monster. I'm working to cut out Stevia, raw honey and maple syrup from my life. Looking for recipe ideas and support.

I'm taking a number of weekend trips during the month and in the weeks after the Whole30 is over. Looking for tips on how others beat this challenge.

I'm a mother of 2 daughters (14 and 11) and a wonderful husband. They are sedentary and given the chance, would eat much more junk then they eat now. I run a pretty tight ship: all organic, grass-fed and pastured meat and dairy(for them) and organic and/or home-grown produce in our house. No processed foods at all. Because of their ages, they are putting up a fight to change over to total clean-eating. Another of my daily challenges.

Looking forward to joining this community!


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