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Not feeling hungry, cravings or much else in change


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Curious if anyone else has had this issue within the first week. According to all the reading materials I should hate life right about now on day 3 and I feel fine. The only issue I have is a little tired but I also get up at 4:30AM every day. Maybe I am eating incorrectly. I typically have:


4 eggs

handful of chopped broccoli

handful of fresh spinach

enough wholly guacamole to cover my fat portion (about 1/2c)

about 1/3c wholly salsa

small handful of fresh blueberries


either 2 chicken legs or 2 palm size patties of ground beef or turkey

large portion of fresh or frozen vegetables (all compliant)

about 1/3 of a sweet potato

1 large handful green olives (early California green ripe)


1 can sardines in olive oil

Post workout:

1-2 palm size portions of ground patties (beef or turkey)


Typically is -

2-4oz salmon fillets, broiled with compliant seasonings & lemon

Medium portion of fresh kale covered in 2 portions of olive oil, lemon and seasonings

1 small portion of kimchi or sauerkraut

1 small piece, nectarines so far

I was wondering if this seems ok to anyone else and if so I guess I am just overanalyzing the horrible days to come that I am either blessed to miss or haven't hit yet.

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Your meals look spot on...

You know if you ate " clean " prior to W30, it won't be a huge adjustment for your body as far as " carb flu" etc.... I think a lot of people who start w30 were used to eating total garbage, and the detox is what gets them...

As for me... My 1st w30 was a breeze and I felt great the whole time

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TiMANimal, I had a similar experience. What hit me hardest was being exhausted around days 13-16...but it does pass. Enjoy the process, and hopefully you'll feel simply amazing on day 31!

On my first w30. It was the start week three that hit me too...my legs felt like lead, so I just backed off a bit and then it was smooth sailing

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