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Whole30 round #2. Family affair - post surgery Dad and stubborn Mom along for the ride.

Nadia B

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I know, such a panic starter. Fine meaning I can try to make first batch or fine meaning it's alive?

YES! make your first batch. Just fish out whatever globs and strands are there, along with the rubbery disk of official scoby, and put the mess of it into your new batch, along with about a cup of the liquid. Add your sweetened tea to that and let it sit again (cheesecloth covered). If the space is warmish, the infusion of new sugar should result in happier thicker scoby growing on top. It's ok if it sinks, but it probably will sit on top. Either way is good. :)
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Day 19. Gym disaster.

So you know how I've been constantly upset with my gym after it was bought by another chain. So I got myself into one more crappy workout and said “no moreâ€. Giving my 2 week notice to the management and joining the fancy shmancy club with their ridiculous joining fee as a reward for ehm..something. As my granny used to say: “It would be too sad if it wasn't too funnyâ€.

Snack: as I predicted I got hungry later and arranged a meal for myself – bell pepper + can of tuna mashed with avocado (whole avocado, gasp).

Went to another gym location, because I love jumping on the garden racks. Somehow I misread the name of the class. They have these idiotic names like bodypump, bodyattack, bodyshred. I was 100% sure I am going to a strength class. Now imagine this: giant studio paaaaacked with office workers. The studio is so big and so packed that you can't see the instructor. For this purpose they have big monitors broadcasting whatever is happening on the stage. Then two ladies walk up this stage – one is “very out of shape†(I am not picking on people of different body type, but it's sort of her job) and another is a 6 pack shredded bodybuilder woman. They start the crazy techno music and my ears start to “bleedâ€. They go: “Take out your swoooooordsâ€. No joke. Everyone starts to wave imaginary weapons and we all look pretty dumb. After 2 minutes I realize it's a mixed martial art cardio class. To make it better they had a smacking sounds recorded over the music. Lots of jabs, uppercuts, kicks and punches. There was no way for me to escape, because I would have gotten accidentally killed by someone doing a back kick. I embraced my faith of staying in the room. There I was, waving my hands sporadically looking at the screen. Best part – one dude was trying his best not to die in the front line. He was boxing with his head back, cringed face and his eyelids tightly squeezed. He was facing the camera. He was on that screen too. Once again, I am not trying to be mean and pick on other people's weight/workouts.

What stroke me was the enthusiasm of all these stressed and exhausted people. Were they fighting their ex-lovers, bosses or neighbors I don't know, but they all looked so unhappy. I had no one to punch. I wasn't excited to punch. I am so grateful to have what I have now. Bowes to the wh30 team.

Food note to myself: stop eating standing near the fridge. Ate two more cold meatballs and squash slices with sunshine sauce. Me not like#1.

General note to myself: stop feeling guilty for eating. Me not like#2.

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Day 20. Almost there!


I think this is the longest log in the WH30 history, because I won't shut up . But really just seconding what Moluv said - I am amazed by the amount of care and love that are coming my way here. Getting all emotional.

My sleep is getting f***ed up again. My eyes open after exactly 7,5 hours of sleep recently. So if I go to bed at 10:30 I wake up at 6. On the positive side - I wake up two times per night tops. This is huge. Short yoga routine in the morning.

Breakfast: red cabbage with apple (thanks CraftyC), cucumber and chopped lamb. CM coffee.


Lunch: zoodles with arugula/walnut pesto + last of the fireball meatballs.


Forgot my dancing shoes at home, so I'll run home after work and try to have some food, otherwise I will be hungry late at night after dancing. BM are not good and very random. No period. I feel very nauseas again, wow, haven't have it in a long time. I wonder what has changed in my eating. Can't pinpoint. Typing as I eat Meyer lemon like a fruit. Not sure wtf is going on.

I want to end this post on a positive note, so - tomorrow is the kombucha brewing night! YAAAAAAAY.

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Nadia, I love reading your log! Perfect combo of entertainment and instruction. Will you come visit and cook for me for a month? Ok, I'll take a week.

Welcome to the land of longest posts ever! Glad I keep people entertained with my log. As one of my favorite writers said: "You can't just eat good food, You've got to talk about it too. And you've got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of foodâ€.

Week at SC - not bad at all, I'll take it. However I doubt you need my help, your pictures and log look pretty awesome.

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Day 20.

Got caught in freezing rain and drenched to the bones in my flats and jacket. What kind of Russian I am, what a shame. Didn't want to take chances of second nausea attack or getting sick, so skipped the rehearsal. I will make it up and go on Friday.

Figured I am running low (dangerosly low) on protein, so it was a what's up freezer moment. How come that the best dishes take under 10 min to make? Hot, spicy and smoky - lemon-coconut clams with bacon and bell peppers. I practically inhaled the bowl. Had some steamed bock choy on the side.


Pijamas, ginger tea and a movie/book.

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Proximity of China town and Thai supermarkets is the answer :) I made this one up. I sauteed bacon, onions, garlic, chili flakes and bell peppers, added lemon juice, fish sauce and coconut milk, simmered a bit, reduced the heat and added clams for 6 min, stirred in lemon zest and cilantro. Basil would be awesomehere too.

Original calls for mussels and has no bell pepper/lemon zest/fish sauce.

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Susan, I chopped last bits for the tea, otherwise I'd totally add it too.

Ahah it would look like a sad wet wig. Mother nature is ruining my life. And the lives of ppl in MN apparently.

It is supposed to hit 70 this weekend :D .

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This meal is on deck for tomorrow. I even have the pancetta and ginger. Thanks for the great idea. :)

KB, just bottled a mango and jalapeno Kombucha so thanks for that great idea. :)

Grilled lamb leg a la Alton Brown soon too.

74 degrees here at 5pm. Before you lynch me..rare heat spell for this time of year. Go get warm everyone.

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