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Stormin's 30


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Day 3 - day 1, 2 ok no issues

Today pre-post workout (CrossFit) small meal eggs, avocado blueberries with post

lunch - sashimi small salad

dinner (in a little while) - burger onions peppers broccoli avocado slice

Currently living in Singapore (Boston originally) - out shopping this afternoon - walking by the Irish pub - aaaggghhhhh - did I want a pint (yes) - didn't go for it !! can't blow it this early

I'm a corp exec (55) who travels a lot. business dinners, drinks into the evening etc. Had Whole 30 book for awhile .. time to use it!

Saving grace is I do workout although on the road it gets difficult.

Will be checking in from time to time !

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Day 4 --- Feeling it !!!

My significant other has been awesome ........ usually sunday is relax a bit, have a good dinner with some wine .......... told her she could but she said I'm here to support you for these 30 days !!

AWESOME ! not craving sweet stuff but would like a little vino .... will have to wait !

Watching portion sizes ....... keeping a nice mix of veg and protein with some fats ....... could probably kick in some sweet potato after workout tomorrow ..........

not feeling hungover ....... slept well ....... got myself a foot massage and back massage ..... lots of tension ......... need to stretch more ....... read the timeline expectations ...... some days will suck .... other days will suck less !!

Hoep everyone is kicking it !

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Day 5 - STARVING in the afternoon

Offered some sweets from people back from Indonesia .... turned it down and they were very surprised !!

Drank plenty of water ..... pretty hungry waited until I got home for dinner. (will pack hard boiled eggs tomorrow)

ground beef with onions,

kale apple garlic

1/2 small sweet potato

Guess what tomorrows morning post workout meal is ??

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Day 6 in the bank !!! Onto Day 7 ...... bringing hard-boiled eggs to work

Good CrossFit workout today ...... have to push the younger kids a bit !! (box squats 275lbs) wall balls, pull-ups 21-15-9

Today lunch with co-workers therefore the test. FYI - I live in Singapore so its not typical fare !!! No Chipotle around. already told them meat or fish (not fried) and veggies !! fingers crossed !

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