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Whole 365?

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Hi there,

Posting on behalf of my boyfriend...,we have been following the whole 30 guidelines for 48 days. We both feel great on it. He wants to know if he decided to keep eating whole 30 all the time if there is an issue?


This is a great question...

I don't think there's a problem with doing this 365 but I think you would just have to be flexible enough to be allowed to have something non-conpliant if you wanted to without being hard on yourself.

This is a huge part of it, for sure. There are always going to be things that are worth "off-roading" for, and there are some wonderful blog posts on the W9 page, as well as some seriously great insight on the matter here in the forums (start in the "post-whole 30 log" section). Also, the point of an elimination diet is to allow yourself not only time to heal your gut, but to figure out what aggravates you by reintroducing. Some things aren't worth re-introducing (for me, dairy is gone because it isn't worth the pain the next day...), but you may find that some things are. Thirdly, SWYPO'd foods? Some are awesome, and when you learn about your own habits regarding food and if you so decide that you can control yourself by paleo-ifying some old favorites, then you open another door of nomnomnommies. My $0.02 :)
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