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Calcium and being a vegetarian

Jenn B

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This is for a friend who is contemplating doing the whole 30.

she is a vegetarian that does eat eggs and fish. currently, her main source of calcium is yogurt. she is 50 years old and is concerned about osteoporosis and is highly (highly) physically active, and has a thyroid condition. she is also concerned about losing weight, as in does not want to.

i explained the conversion to fat adaptive and the need to replenish post workout and fuel meals with good proteins, yams and other squashes, but her primary concern is the calcium. how would she get sufficient amounts in natural foods in the compliant 30 days (and she would still probably take her supplements).

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Since she eats fish, sardines are a great source of calcium. Just make sure to purchase the ones with the bones.

Also, dark leafy greens are the way to go! Kale is a great source, and I have been loving it as a salad of late.

If she does end up supplementing, make sure she checks her supplements to ensure they are compliant.

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