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Troy NY Farmer's Market


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I just came home with a great haul. For $100 I bought the following:

1/2 pound of winter spinach (very sweet)

1/2 pound of arugula

1/2 pound of spicy mesclun mix

(These greens I will eat raw during the week, and toss whatever's left at the end of the week into a soup)

1 large kohlrabi

2 pounds of beets

3 lbs. of ground organic grassfed beef

1 lb.of ground organic pastured pork

1 lb. of organic pastured lamb liver

1 dozen organic pastured eggs

1 jar sauerkraut

1 jar sour pickles

4 large baking apples (for baked apples)

3 eating apples

I think that's a lot of the highest quality food for $100. Granted, it's not going to feed my family of 4 adults for the entire week, but if I pushed it, it could be 4 dinners: 1 chili night, 1 meatball night, 1 liver night, 1 night of eggs.


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