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Have been sick 30/37 days on the Whole30

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I started my first Whole 30 on March 1st and made it 16 days until I got engaged and decided to indulge at my surprise engagement party. I restarted my next Whole 30 on March 20 and am currently on day 18. I am loving the Whole 30 EXCEPT I have been sick 4 different times since March 1st! The only time period in which I felt healthy (meaning no sickness) was during the four days which I wasn't compliant. It has been one "bad head cold" after another and one week I had the flu. This is REALLY unusual for me because even though I work with kids I usually only get one cold (maybe) a year! I'm sure that it is just coincidence, but is it possible that there is a connection between the Whole 30 and my increased illness? It is just strange that despite eating so healthy that I am getting sick so often!

Also, it is really important that I start feeling better soon. I am student teaching this term and can't afford to miss anymore days (I've already had to miss one). I currently have a really sore throat and other "cold-like" symptoms. Does anyone know of any compliant remedies for sore throats and colds?

I also do not have an appetite for meat or veggies. The only things that sound good are cold foods and liquids since my throat hurts so bad. Any suggestions on what I should eat? I've done pretty good about sticking to the meal template for my past illnesses, but this time it is simply to painful to eat those foods. (I don't have any bone broth to make soup either :( )

Any insight, suggestions or advice would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you! :)

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sd1004 - While it's not likely that the change in diet is the cause of the issues, the stress of the change + getting engaged + life stress may be enough of a combo to lower your immune system and cause you to catch a bug. Once you've gotten one, your a little more likely to get another (I'm assuming). Especially if you're not getting enough food in.

Throat Coat tea, tylenol for pain, mashed sweet potatoes, cauliflower or parsnips, cold soups....

Hope to hear you're feeling better soon!

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Awwww, being sick is no fun.

Can you make some chicken soup, even though you don't have bones for broth? I'm not sure what you mean by "painful" but if it's literally hard to swallow, making a soup with little shredded pieces of chicken in it will make it very soft and easy to get down. Maybe throw some spinach in there too (it melts away to almost nothing when you heat it up) or some carrots chopped up really small for some extra nutrition. Add some coconut oil for tasty healthy fat. Some sweet potato or other starchy veg would probably also be a good idea if you're looking for some carbs or having trouble getting enough calories in.

I also like guacamole when I'm sick because it's easy to eat and has tons of good healthy fats.

Tea is a lifesaver...some people even add coconut oil to this but I find it greasy and nasty because it all floats to the top. YMMV though.

Maybe also try some of these?

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