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Any airline crew/pilots on Whole30?


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Hello everyone,

I was wondering if there are any of you on whole30 that work for an airline and spend a lot of time either on a plane or in hotels all over the world?

How do you go about eating compliant foods, especially on long flights?

Thank you!

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Hi Jessica,

You're lucky for being able to bring almost anything! I am not a flight attendant, but my friend is and i'm helping her out with going Paleo (I'm a nutritionist myself and have done the Whole30 as well)

Will look for the travel guide!

Preparation is key, pre-pack your meals in containers to take with you, otherwise make sure you have easy to bring compliant foods with you:

- avocado

- canned fish

- boiled eggs

- coconut chips

- olives

Here's a more extensive list I've made (but not all is Whole30!)


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