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The aches/cravings are back


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I finished my 30 on March 25th. I have re-intro'd all of the items but beans and alcohol.

What I have noticed:

- Bread makes me itch and my gut feels VERY heavy after eating it.

- Chinese Food makes me have a hangover feeling.

- I can live with out milk... cheese makes me very tired.

- I had a slice of pizza and again I began to itch, got crabby and then very tired.

- I really enjoyed a bacon brownie and ice cream with my grandfather (shared it) and though it tasted good, I was very emotional after. I am not sure if it's because my granfather is leaving or because I went very off road.

- I had a piece of chocolate after Easter, boy was it good. But now I want MORE.

I get fuller faster with anything I eat - compliant - or not. But then I am hungry soon after. I am following the template and having lots of veg w/ the non compliant. My aches in my shoulders, elbow and back are back. So I KNOW now that the food intake has a direct imapact with this.

I fear I might not be able to off-road.. I am still having cravings, though not giving into them.

It's going to be a long time before I can rise my own bike.

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Yeah, it's weird. I think I never really paid attention to how I truly felt when eating. It's a freeing and terrifying feeling at the same time.

I know stress plays a huge role in how you feel so it's hard to pin issues on stress, food or both.

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