Whole 30 Starts Tomorrow

Ben Nugent

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Hi All. Starting my adventure tomorrow. Kitchen is stocked. Meals planned and prepped. I'm nervous, but excited. I'm hoping to improve my body composition, acne, and chronic inflammation. I'm also looking forward to the reintroduction phase to see if I'm really gluten sensitive or just think I am.

I have a few looming obstacles; a going away party for a colleague (beer, pretzels, wings), and the 4th of july festivities (more beer, bad food). Thankfully I have a supportive wife to help me stay strong.


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Thanks! I made it through my office's catered lunch on day 1, ice cream social on day 2, but I slipped up at the party and had a beer. I felt TERRIBLE afterwards. Which is strange because, while I'm not a heavy drinker, I never had such a strong reaction before. Maybe I simply never noticed or thought it was normal. In any case, it has kept me motivated to abstain from wheat products going forward. Including after my whole30.

I will say that I have not cooked as much or tasted as many varieties of veggies as I have in the past few days. What a culinary world this has opened up!


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