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Hi there,

I had the all important meeting with the nursery manager today and on the whole got a very positive reaction. There were the obvious questions;

What about calcium?

I'm concerned that with no carbs, her brain won't develop ?!?!

Well, what can she have if no dairy, carbs, gluten or sugar?

Do you not think it is a bit extreme?

I think (!!) I handled it quite well and hopefully got the result I wantedbut we will have to see over the next few days.

I'd be grateful for opinions on these questions so I know if I answered them in the correct way

Many thanks


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During a Whole30, the idea is to eat as many carbs as needed for energy and performance. The Whole30 is not a no-carb or even a low-carb approach to eating. The only requirement is that carbs should be from healthy foods like sweet potatoes, butternut squash, root vegetables, or fruit. Personally, I sleep better when I eat sweet potatoes frequently.

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Ahhhh, the "low-carb" and "no-carb" interpretation of W30 drives me nuts! What people *mean* to say (I think) is no REFINED carbohydrates.

I frequently encounter people who say things like, "oh, you couldn't eat that because of the carbs" or "bananas aren't paleo"? What?!

My rant is completely beside the point of your post - I did actually come here to say congratulations and "good on you"! Glad that you got a positive reaction.

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Good for you!! So proud!

Let's tackle those questions:

Calcium - http://whole9life.com/2013/03/raising-good-food-kids-faq/

Brain Development - Healthy fats are actually just as important, if not more important, for a child's brain development. The FAQ post above is good info on that, too. Remind her that the amount of carbohydrates is not limited, just the sources.

What can she eat - print out a copy of the W30 shopping list! There's a ton of stuff :)

Extreme? - Point out that it may seem drastic, but as a loving parent your goal is to make sure your daughter has the best chance at success. Her behavior is currently a problem for her and those around her and this is worth exploring.

You might also have her teachers make notes on her behavior during these 30 days :)

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