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Sara whole 30 log

Sara M Clark

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Starting another whole 30, I was pretty much eating whole 30 but was chewing gum and went out one night and had some wine but i'm ready to do a full 30 days again. I have not been sleeping well and I feel like I'm in a fog and my anixeity has been acting up again. Hoping to stick out the next 30 days NO Excuse I have done it once I can do it again!!

Breakfast - Bananna ground beef mixed with a sweet potatoe and hot sauce

snack larabar\

lunch- raw spinach with 3 hard boiled egss one large carrott and 1 tsp coconut amino

Snack almonds and hard boiled egg

Dinner: raw spianch and meatloaf cake and half sweet potato

Drank 3.5 literal water and 1 cup coffee with organic can coconut. Milk

Hardest part for me today was not chewing gum

Hope I get some sleep tonight I'm beat. Exercise was 30 min elliptical.15 min weight video and 1 mile

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Day 2

I did sleep better last night :-) I so needed some rest

Breakfast- bananna left over meatloaf and spinach and half sweet potatoe

1 literr of water and half cup coffee with coconut milk

Had heartburn again this morning

Walked 3.25 miles with my friend

Lunch-spinach and spring mix salad one hard boiled egg 1/2 avocado topped with kimichi


Group workout tonight for hr

Dinner- iswf Italian chicken and cauliflower rice pilaf (well fed cookbook) and a few almonds

total water3.5 liters

Still have dry mouth from not chewing gum heartburn is better this evening

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Day 3

I slept better last night

Breakfast- Bannana, small sweet potatoe with ground beef and hot sauce

1 liter of water

1/4 of kombucha gingeraid

1/2 cup coffee with coconut milk

snack- 1/2 larabar

lunch : Left over Italian chicken and cauliflower rice pilaf

Snack 1/2 larabar and kimichi

Dinner: left over meatloaf cake and cauliflower rice pilaf

Total water 3,5 liters

Got a terrible headache this afternoon had to take some advil

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Day 4

I slept pretty good it took me about a half hr to fall asleep only woke up 2x

Breakfast : a couple strawberries and sweet potato and ground beef and trader joe hot sauce

1/2 cup coffee with coconut milk

My supplements :super enzymes before my meal, D3 and liquid fish oil.

I also have to take an allergy pill every morning because I have terrible allergies and was getting chronic sinus infections.

Worked out with trainer 1 hr

Snack: spoonful of almond butter and a little coconut but I made both homemade today

Lunch spianch with left over Italian chicken

Another snack : bananna with a little.coconut milk some cinnamon and chopped pecans

Dinner chocolate Chili from well fed cook book

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Day 5 : I woke up in a really bad mood slept okay

Breakfast: Chocolate chili & banana

Gym for 1 hr 20 mins cross ramp & treadmill

Snack larabar and apple

lunch: butternut squash puree and chocolate chilli

snack lara bar with almond butter I also snacked on so eggplant while I was making dinner it wasn't a good day for snacking , & a spoon full of homemade coconut butter NO snacking tomorrow also had some green olivies

Dinner : Italian saugage eggplant strata

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Day 6

Broken sleep last night~ no snacking today

Breakfast : bananna eggplant strata and butternut squash purer and water

Lunch: spring salad and spinach roped with left over chocolate Chili. And half avocado

Dinner butternut squash and eggplant strata

3 liters water / 1 cup coffee / half bottle kombucha

Sleepy time tea

It was a tough day. I was in a fog today and had no energy I also wanted to cave on the diet but I didn't

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Day 7 Slept pretty good woke up a little tired but in a much better mood

breakfast banana 3 eggs cooked in coconut oil and a small sweet potato

Snack larabar

went to running group and ran 3 miles

Lunch eggplant strata and kimichi

Dinner a couple almonds spianch toped with chocolate Chili 1/2.avocado and half orange pepper

Drank 3 1/2 liters water

one cup coffee

1/4 kombucha

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Day 8 Slept great last night Breakfast I had a banana cut up with a little coconut milk and coconut flake a couple pecans and ground cinnamon after I eat that my belly hurt and I felt sick Went to work out for a hr the feeling finally past lunch sweet potato with 3 eggs cooked I coconut oil and hot sauce snack 2 sundried tomato chicken sausage dinner chicken salad and butter nut squash a handful of almond

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Day 9 didn't sleep great last night. But woke up in a good mood. Breakfast 3 eggs and sweet potato and hot sauce and banana having some pretty bad cravings today. Have a busy day ahead of me so I'm hoping they will pass.

half hr. elliptical

lunch chicken salad and butternut squash

dinner spinach with beef and broccoli from ISWF and butternut squash

I also had a half of kombucha ...drank 4.5 liters of water. I ran 2 miles and had group training at the gym tonight which kicked my but. I have been get horrible heart burn again Not sure why or what I can do to relive it . Any suggestions?

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Day 14 still going strong. I can't believe i'm at the half way Mark already. I am starting to feel better. NO heart burn yesterday which is great. I have been taking a digestive enzyme and a probiotic. I looked up natural remedies for heart burn and eating an apple actually helped ;-) Breakfast 3 eggs cooked in 1/2 tsp of ghee and butternut squash.

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Day 16 I'm starting to feel really good. I have been sleeping so much better the last 2 nights and I'm waking up feeling refreshed. I have been having a good energy through out the day too. This is what I have been waiting for ;-) I haven't gotten a headache in the last 2 days , I had been getting them everyday for some time now. Love this feeling and I hope it stays this way and just keeps getting better :-) My eating has been really good I have picked up butternut squash and acorn and I love having them on run days

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Day 20--- Wow I can't believe I only have 10 more days It's flying by. Last night I had a dream that I went on a binge with all my " favorite" treats. I was so mad at myself in the dream. There is nothing that will make me give in to any craving I'm so much stronger then the food ;-) I have a 5k race this am so I'm having a sweet potatoes mixed with eggs and a banana

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Day 27 here and I wanted to check in to let everyone know I'm doing great and haven't cheated once!! I'm feeling pretty good too. I have decided to make it a whole 45 ;) I am feeling so good I just want to keep going a bit longer. I bought new pants today and I'm down a pants size , That makes me very happy My skin is clear and I keep getting complaints on how great I look ;-) It's really nice to hear. When you feed your body good whole foods it's amazing how well our bodies respond

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Today is day 30 for me. The last 30 days flew by! I am feeling really good & sleeping really good! I'm going to continue until day 45. For breakfast today I'm having 3 eggs cooked in ghee mixed with a sweet potato & a banana.

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Okay I ended up doing a whole 33 days. Yesterday I did a 5k run for Mothers day I wasn't feeling well, So I couldn't eat all day. We had plans to go out with the in-laws. I was still nauseous when we got to dinner so I only order water. By the end of dinner I started feeling so much better. My kids order a piece of cake and ice cream and I decided I would have a little and I was okay with that. Over the last 33 days I didn't cheat once every meal was complaint and I didn't count calories. I went down another full pant size and lost a ton of inches. I feel so much better and know that this is a life style change for me. I enjoy eating this way. I'm right back on it today and until the 24th. People are amazed at how much my body has changed. I can't tell you the complements I keep getting. I'm sleeping so much better. I know that I still have work to do with my gut that's why I want to get right back on. I will post a more detailed post later with number

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