All quiet in Poopville

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Ahhh, the toilet troubles are back. I'm in my 4th week of my second Whole 30, and am experiencing a rather stunning silence on the poop front.

Things that are probably helping:

- trying to eat some kind of cooked leafy green every morning (kale or spinach), along with a few ounces of protein and other veggie matter

- I get plenty of sweet potatoes (usually eating those at least 1x day, often more)

- have been laying off the eggs because I suspected they aren't helping my digestion

- Also taking a dose of Natural Calm (calcium/magnesium supplement) in the morning and the evening

- Trying to get a few ounces of kombucha in each day, too

Things that are probably hurting:

- have been under tons of stress at work for the past 1.5 weeks... working 14 hour days and other nonsense

- almond butter. There, I said it.

The same thing happened last time I did a Whole 30. It really annoys me. I guarantee that if I went off-map and had a few gross Standard American Diet meals, things would start moving again.... I never had digestion problems before the Whole 30. It's a little discouraging to put this much work into my diet and then experience this kind of result.

Open to any advice.

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I completely relate to you. I never had digestive issues before and have told people I have a stomach of steel. Now I feel less regular and have had a few tummy aches. I just have to trust that my digestive system is still balancing itself out. I have noticed that my stomach seems less bloated and I've noticed great improvements in my skin, energy, and mood, so I know my diet is working in other ways, and I'm thinking of extending to 45 days if that's what it takes to let my digestive system catch up.

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I am glad to hear I am not alone in this quiet town! Today would be my final day if I didn't slip up on Easter so I'm extending another 15 days. That being said I have eaten to a T aside from that one event. Yet my bowels have yet to figure this out and cooperate. The first two weeks - sure - I knew the change in diet would affect me so I shrugged it off. And I read so many posts where people didn't truly reap the rewards of the program until the final few days. I kept holding out but nothing! I've incorporated more sweet potatoes into my diet and I do have my one cup of coffee generally every morning. MY problem is more about irregularity and quality. I wouldn't say I'm constipated but my trips to the bathroom have dramatically reduced. I can honestly accept that because I don't have any bloating or discomfort like you would when you're truly backed up. My real complaint is that when I do go it's completely unsatisfying and I sit there wondering "that's it??". Where are those amazing and cleansing poops that reward you for all the hard work and dedication?? I know they're out there! And as you said - if I ran out to McDs and downed a BigMac I know an awesome poop would immediately be on the horizon. Admittedly, I know I don't know nearly enough of the science that goes on in my body so I can't be too irate with the situation. But I do know what my body is capable of and this is seriously not making the grade. Otherwise I feel good but I think this issue is making me minimize any benefits so in my mind my energy is just 'a lil better' and my general bloating 'slightly improved'. Sorry I don't have any advice to offer - just support to let you know you're not alone. I am very interested in hearing what the experts have to say on this one. I'm not letting this get me down and I'm sticking to the program. Hearing that you've completed the program before and have come back for another round is encouraging. Stay strong and good luck!

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It sounds to me like you might not be getting the quantity of insoluble fiber your body wants (which would explain why grain-heavy meals make you regular again). If your IS fiber intake is lower than it was, it's reasonable to expect a slowdown here. I'd suggest taking a look at the chart here and trying to up that fiber for a few days. That will likely help.

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