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Andrea's Whole 30 v2.3


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A little about me:

I am a married, 32 year old mother of an (almost) 5 year old daughter, with the hope of TTC again later this year. I have a significant amount of weight I want to lose before I get pregnant again and that is my main goal this time around. I have been overweight for most of my adult life (since a back injury in mid-2000). My heaviest was 236 lbs, I got down to 198 lb about a year ago with another program, but quickly gained about 20lbs back.

This is my third attempt at my second Whole 30. My family did our first Whole 30 last September and we had great results! My goals at that time were to fix some skin and digestive issues I was having and figure out what was causing them. During & after my skin looked great, with in the first week all of my digestive issues were gone (I've had heartburn nearly every day for at least 10 years and diarrhea several days a week.TMI?), my energy levels were through the roof, sleep was wonderful, and (BONUS) I lost 18lbs.

The first few weeks after W30 were pretty good. I stayed really close to Paleo and did slow reintroductions, learned what specific types of dairy and grains do to my body (The only legume I've reintro'd is peanuts and they don't have any negative effect on me) but after Halloween there was a slow down ward spiral that lead to balls to the wall off roading since Thanksgiving and everything that was accomplished has been undone and then some (+28lbs).

Since January I've been trying to complete another Whole 30, but things kept coming up that knocked me off track (out of town weddings, funerals, sickness, etc.) I managed three weeks in January before an out of state wedding threw me for a loop. I did well the first couple days, but it was very difficult without my own transportation or access to a kitchen and eating our every meal, eventually I just gave up. I tried to get right back on track as soon as I got home, but it took me a full week. I restarted Whole 30 2.2 February 4th. I was on day 7 when my Grandfather passed away from complications of altzhimers. All the stress of his passing has caused me to be sick since mid-February and for pretty much the entire month of March (sinus & ear infection x2, cold, & the flu) and I haven't been feeling up to getting myself back on track.

I feel that I am really ready now. I am fully commited to 30 days, possibly longer, but 30 days for sure. (I'd like to go until my birthday, June 15, but we'll see. One day at a time, one month at a time.) I have set goals and have a plan to meet them. I have found in the past that tracking and logging daily keep me accountable, so that is what I intend to do here. My family is not joining me this time around, but they are very supportive, and will help any way they can. My DH is about 80% paleo anyway and DD is paleo except at school and will eat whatever I put infront of her, so I don't really need to worry about feeding them something different. I'm extremely blessed to not have picky eaters. If they sometimes feel like having pizza or Chinese or Mexican they will go out for a Daddy-Daughter date and not bring any left overs home. It's too difficult for me to eat out so avoiding it all together is the best plan for me. We eat out mostly when I'm feeling too lazy to cook dinner. To avoid this I am going to do most of my weekly cooking/prep work on Sunday, so if a lazy day comes up I can throw dinner together in a couple minutes. I love Well Fed and her ideas for weekly cook ups and hot plates. They were lifesavers last time and will be again this time.

Starting Stats:

Height: 5'4â€, small frame (I don't expect this to change)

Weight: 226 lbs

Body Fat: 43% (according to my scale)

BP: 110/70

Total Cholesterol: 142

Trig: 75

HDL: 54

LDL: 75

GI: Heary burny & Ick!

Skin: Dry, itchy, splotchy

Energy: I am tired ALL THE TIME, no matter how much sleep I get.

I am not really concerned with my cholesterol or blood pressure, they are excellent according to my Dr. However, I am interested in what effects the higher fat/lower carb/no junk “diet†has on them. My blood work was done for my annual physical last week (April 2) so it's current and I plan to recheck it when I'm finished with my Whole30, if I go longer I'll check every 30 days or so. It'll be interesting to compare my W30 & SAD numbers.

Goal- how I'm gonna get there:

1) Weight/Fat/Size Loss (90lbs untimately)- by following W30, WOD 3xweek, yoga/stretching 2xweek

2) Improve/Eliminate Digestive Issues- W30, go easy on known/legal offenders (i.e. tomatoes, spicy stuff, etc.)

3) Healthy skin- W30, sticking to my skin care routine morning & night

4) Energy- W30 (Duh!), sleep more/better, go to bed by 10:30pm Sun-Th/12:00am Fri & Sat, darken room more, no TV or bright light after 9:00pm during the week

I also hope to gain/give some support and make some friends here and in the forums. Please feel free to comment, advise, and call me out on my BS when it comes up :rolleyes:, but please do so in a loving way.

Happy Whole30!


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Day 1, April 8, 2013

So yesterday was day 1. I think I had a pretty good day food wise. Has a really busy day at work due to bring very short handed, so the day went by realy fast, but I was totally wiped out by the time I got home. Thankfully I set myself up well and already had all of the components for dinner cooked/prepped, so it was on the table in under 5 minutes.

Here's what yesterday looked like.

Breakfast: "Pizza" fritatta [eggs, bell pepper, onion, garlic, spinach, shrooms, olives, locally made uncured pepperoni (free of anything illegal/unpronouncable), olive oil ] and black coffee

Snack: small handfull of raw pecans (I was hungry before my lunch break and my tummy started getting overly acidic so I had to give it something, if I get too hungry my heartburn gets way worse.)

Lunch: Homemade Broc-cauli soup, tuna salad(made with homemade mayo) on a salad (lots of veggies).

Snack: pecans (I have a post-it note pad on my desk, I just put as many as will fit on the surface and not piled up too high to keep my consumption in check.)

Dinner: Greek Gyro Salad with Avoziki dressing (homemade lamb gyro meat, mixed greens, red onions, tomatoes, shrooms, olives, red pepper, cucumbers, and Avocado "tatziki" sauce) YUM!! 3 dates

I slept pretty well last night. My stomach was really bothering me in the late morning/early afternoon, but was fine after dinner and all night. I could feel a pimple coming up on my jaw line last night, it's not there this morning (day 2). I did not get to bed on time or turn the tv off by 9:00. I did get to bed by 10:30 which is still pretty good for me, I'm a night owl.

Hope whoever reads this had a GREAT day!!

On to Day 2.


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Day 2

I did really well today. I was a bit lethargic this morning and it took me several hours to fully wake up, but that is to be expected this early on... the "hangover".

Food wise I think I did great.

Breakfast: pizza fritatta, 2 cups of black coffee that I nurse for about 3 hours

Lunch: leftover Gyro Salad & Broc-cauli soup, peppermint hot tea

Snack: post-it pecans

Dinner: 2 servings of Shrimp in lemon garlic ghee sauce over sautéd yellow squash "noodles"

Pre-bed: Peppermint & yerba mate hot tea

My stomach started acting up around 4:00 so I had some pecans. My hope is that it goes away after the first week like last time and I can drop the mid-afternoon snacks.

I think this is better than yesterday. The dragon reared it's ugly head last night after dinner and I gave it a couple dates. Tonight I squelched the flames with hot tea, much improved I think.

Also, it is just after 10:00 and I'm in bed and have been for a few minutes. Didn't shut off TV until 9:30, I wanted to watch my chick show while the hubs ran to the store and it didn't start until 9:00. Still a big improvement over the norm.

On to day 3.

Good night.





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Day 3

It's a quarter after 10 and I'm in bed. I didn't turn off the TV on time, but it's still better than usual. I've felt really tired all day, but I haven't had the hangover feeling today, so that's good. I had poo issues this morning, but nothing major and it seems to be better this evening. My heartburn tried to start around 4:30 today, which is a little later than normal. I had a larger lunch hoping that it would keep my stomach busy until dinner. Almost worked. When I felt it starting I had some peppermint tea and that calmed it down. I haven't exercised this week yet and I think I'm going to hold off on doing a WOD until next week. I might try some yoga tomorrow evening though.

Food today was really good.

Breakfast: Pizza fritatta (made a big batch to last all week. Next week will be something different.) 1 cup of

black coffee

Lunch: big salad with left over shrimp and gyro meat, avoziki dressing, & broc-cauli soup. 2 cuties.

Hot tea

No snack today.

Dinner: grilled pork chop, garlic broccoli sautéd in ghee, & half a sweet potato with some coconut butter in it. Sparkling water with maybe 1 oz of unsweetened pomegranate juice for a little flavor.

I'm still feeling tired so I think I'm going straight to sleep, no reading tonight.

See you on day 4.

Good night,





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