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Second Whole 30 Completed


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I just completed my second Whole 30. Technically, I am mid-way through a Whole 60.

This time around, I took out the nuts since I have an autoimmune disorder.

So, here is what worked:

*I knew where to look for sugar free foods the entire time - the breakfast meats and the soups.

*I stopped making the sweet potatoe puree - while it was really good, I think the recipe I used asked for too much cinnamon or something because I would break out a little.

*I started using Burt's Bees for lotion instead of the stuff with the petrochemicals & wheat oats in it.

*I started adding guacamole to my diet. I think it helped my adrenals a bit.

*I started using coconut oil for butter. I even tried coconut butter, but I like coconut oil better.

Here is what didn't work where I still have a little room for improvement:

*I went to a restaurant with a group of people that was a Pho restaurant. I figured they would have non-noodle dishes. They did, but the dish I had, had honey in it. I will just have to know the restaurants ahead of time if I do decide to go out.

*I wasn't sure what brand of coconut milk to buy and later couldn't find the approved versions even at my Whole Foods store. I even tried, unsuccessfully, to make my own coconut milk. So, I went 3 or 4 days with a non-approved coconut milk brand. I am just going to buy coconut milk online. I just need to prepare ahead of time a little more.

*I ate some food at Wegmans - while their food didn't have gluten in it, the food was corn starch based. It didn't taste as good, and I was constipated the next day.

*I try to make a whole week worth of meals during the weekend. That way, if there is a day when I won't have time to go home, make dinner and eat it - I can bring my breakfast, lunch and dinner to work. And, I can eat dinner at work. It cuts down on getting so hungry (because I haven't had dinner yet and won't be able to make it) that I will eat anything on those days I don't have time make dinner.


*My PMS was not as bad. It was only as bad as it used to be when I cut out gluten. We'll see how it goes in May.

*I lost a little around the middle (I used calipers to check). My middle is probably where most of my fat is for what fat I do have.

*I don't crave chocolate anymore. I guess you could call me a recovered chocoholic. I am goin to give myself 1 or 2 days to eat some after my Whole 60 ends. However, I have to say at one point I finally gave myself permission to eat that stuff after today, and then my overwhelming desire to eat it disappeared. I guess I wanted to eat something I couldn't have.


*I am not sure how it has impacted my energy yet. I have been in turbo-charge mode for the last few weeks. I took an energy healing spiritual development class, and I was on turbo-charge for three weeks. So, once I slow down (very soon) and make sure I sleep 8 hours a day consistently, I will probably see how much my energy has improved.

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