Should I schedule/limit higher starch meals?


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Can someone let me know if I have this straight?

The body stores carbs as glycogen and there is a limit to this storage. Higher intensity workouts use these energy stores, so if you are too low carb you will have a difficult time doing them.

If that is correct, then does it matter much which days I eat starchier veggies? My concern is mainly about sweet potatoes and how often I should be eating them. Does it matter if I eat sweet potatoes on a workout day or not?

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From personal experience, I think it does matter, eat the sweet potato on workout days, but preferably post-wod. Previously, when I went low carb, I noticed a quick crash in my workouts, like within the first few mins (crossfit)

As soon as I started adding a bit more starch to my diet, things got better.

And to answer your question, yes, there is a limit to glycogen storage. People who exercise more regular can store more glycogen.

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