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What I have learned after Whole 30


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I finished my first Whole 30 2 weeks ago - didn't do a success story as I didn't think i had achieved much! However I was wrong, as I continue to eat 90% clean and compliant I have realized a lote has changed internally.

My physical results - lost 5lb and about 8 inches overall - a fine effort I see now, though at the time I was disappointed in my weight loss

My "mental" results

1. I sleep better, regularly. Even though i still struggle to get 7-8 hours simply because of time issues, I sleep deep when I am in bed

2. I have become anti the scale! I weighed at the end then I weighed myself again a week later (bearing in mind I only added a bit of dairy and a couple glasses of wine back in) and put on 1Ib - this totally screwed with my head. Then I reassessed - I didn't increase inches, my pants are loose and I have gone down a bra size...duh, no need to be disapponted. My partner told me to stop weighing. So I have. On top of this my 13 year old daughter weighed herself last night (a PE assignment) turns out she is in the weight range I "should" be in - yeah right - I don't think it would be healthy for me to be that tiny (My daughter is the smallest in her school!!). So I have officially chucked the scale...very very freeing.

3. I love eating clean - and I also love the odd indulgence, and for me, the odd indulgence isn't going to undo all the good I am doing to my body by eating clean 90% of the time. When I finished Whole30 I tried to bake a few "paleofied" goodies - bleh, not worth the time and effort!! (the old "sex with your pants on" analogy!!) If I am going to indulge I will enjoy every morsel of it, feel no guilt and move on! One indulgent piece of perfectly homemade brownie does not give me a reason to eat sh** for the rest of the week!

4. I love myself more - I am trying to be the best me I can be, not the best me in comparison to someone else, I have proved I can do it, even with temptations and funny looks around me

So my 30 day "experiment" has indeed been life changing, more in my head than to look at me, but thats what life changing is all about, I am happier, calmer and a better Mum cause I love myself more. I was initially disappointed because despite me telling myself it was all about Health, really, secretly it was all about weight loss. turns out it was all about health after all, I just didn't realize it till now!


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