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W30 #2 Log

Cori Fraser

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Started my second W30 today, just 9 days after finishing my first. I intentionally took a week off {there were some planned celebrations in there...}, and I realized very quickly that 30 days doesn't have the power to change 40 years of eating habits. 30 days totally helped, don't get me wrong, but I'm not THERE yet. I'm not quite ready for the big bad world. and hey, that's just good to know! I also know that 30 day chunks is how I can do this. the thought of 60 days nearly kills me. so 30 it is. apparently I can do anything for 30 days! yeah me!!

Goals {for the entire 30 days}:

1. log here regularly

2. drink a large glass of water before each meal

3. no snacking {I did pretty good on this front last time, but I could use some improvements}

4. be aware. always.

5. for real this time - break up with my scale!

Goals {for this week!}:

1. eat all the spinach in my fridge before it goes bad

2. never forget to buy eggs

3. lara bars are for emergencies only

4. remember that I did this once, I can do this again!

Log for today:

Breakfast: sweet potato, olive oil, 3 eggs, coffee

Lunch: bell peppers, snap peas, 2 hard boiled eggs, lara bar {it was an emergency...I got 3.5 hrs of sleep last night and didn't pre-pack my lunch.}

Dinner: chicken thighs, sweet potato, lemon infused olive oil

and since I didn't sleep last night, bed time is happening as soon as I take tomorrow's sweet potato out of the oven!

tomorrow's challenge: eating out for lunch {my usual wednesday lunch with my bestie}

oh, and my starting weight - 201lbs

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Heh. This is funny. Can't tell you how many times I've also timed my bedtime around the completed baking of a sweet potato... Sounds like you are off to a great start! Sending you good thoughts for a great restaurant experience.

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Day #2:

Breakfast: Sweet potato, chicken thighs + 1/2 avocado

Lunch: salad with chicken w/ balsamic vinegar + lara bar {not as a snack today!! it's just that the salad was super small}

Snack: an apple-pear {damn lunch was way too small}

Supper: Frittata with kale, peppers, onions, prosciutto + olive oil and 2 date rolls {ingredients: dates!}

lunch out was a bit of a disaster - a salad was the best I could do, but they put cheese on it, so I brushed that off, but I'm pretty sure I accidentally ate some of it. and I think I'm paying the price tonight. grrr.

anyway, that was the day!

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Day #3

I should have written it all down yesterday. eeekkkk! I forget what I ate. I know lunch was hard because it was out in a restaurant that was not in my control. I've spent the last two days in a training workshop where breaks and meal times were seriously altered from my routine {as was lunch!}, but I did pretty good, all things considered!

Day #4

Breakfast: sweet potato, ground turkey + 1/2 avocado

Snack: Apple-pear {'cause lunch was soooooooo bloomin' late!}

Lunch: salad with grilled chicken {in a restaurant}

Dinner: chicken, sausage, roast cauliflower, 1/2 avocado

and now, some tea. yippie!!

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