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My body doesn't like it....why do I eat it?

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Since the initial onset of my Whole 30 experience, my body seemed to have coped with my eating pretty well but I had some bloating, seriously random flatulence episodes in public places, lethargy, floggy mind. You know the then "norm".

Since I started my Whole 30 in October and have gone back to eating some of those non-whole things like dairy and bread I've had seriously avenging episodes of the random public humiliation called FARTING :o and tummy pain.

I'm currently in a loop of "i deserve it" Annoying much!?!? I deserve a creamy, thick rich coffee AND I deserve the public humiliation of farting in public WITH people I know AND there is NOTHING :ph34r::blink::wacko: I can do to stop it except implode!

So why do I do it to myself is my question? What's the mind game for you when you or if you have done this to yourself and how have you moved passed this type of hurdle in your own experience?

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I have a motto that I like to live by.

Do what you've always done, get what you've always gotten.

Nothing changes until You make the necessary changes. The changes are not the dietary as much as figuring out why you "deserve" dairy?

It is good to see you back. Maybe it is time for another 30 days?

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I'm coming to grips with this......you need to change your thinking. I'm realizing that when I reframe it in my mind and say 'I deserve to treat my body with the highest respect and love'...... than that dairy, sweet, yucky choice doesn't seem so appealing anymore. I know that sounds corny but it is the best love you can give yourself to feed it with great choices that you know are going to make you feel well. And the more you do that, the easier it is to do. I do agree though, that if there are other emotional issues, those need to be looked at too....

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There are so many mind games that my brain plays:

"have some fun! You only live once!"

"you are going to stick out and be one of THOSE people if you don't just shut up and eat"

"it's been a horrible day; eating this will make it better"

"it's been a great day; eating this will celebrate it!

"F*ck it! I'm eating [blank]!"

"It's a special day... it's sunny/rainy/snowy/windy/summer/spring/winter/fall/a holiday/not a holiday/... I'm going to eat something special!"

There are many variations, some sneaky, some blatant. Over time (slowly, I've been at this for almost two years now) I'm learning that other people will be okay whether I eat or don't eat; that days can be horrible or wonderful and my food doesn't have to change; and most of all, that how I eat strongly effects how I feel, both in body and spirit.

More and more I find myself consciously choosing to eat what I know will make me feel good in the long term.

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