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I do want some post Whole30 accountability. I did my first Whole30 in January (a success and it did change my life!), February I stayed about 90% compliant but was binging on sugar and snacking too much so decided to do a second Whole 30 in March. It didn't work as as well. Around Day 15 I ate chocolate and the next two weeks were a confusing mix of eating very clean and healthy and binging on sweets. Binging on sweets is a relatively new phenomena for me since I quit drinking alcohol regularly last summer. I am disappointed but trying to figure out how to slay the sugar dragon successfully without sinking into the unhealthy mindset of 'restrict then splurge/binge.'

Goals for this month Post Whole 30:

1. Log (this is helping me a lot with the emotional aspects of eating).

2. Get off the computer no later than 10 pm (makes me go to bed).

3. Follow meal template. No snacking. Eat fish twice a week.

4. Foam roller at gym 3X a week (supposedly rolling my IT band is going to help with my hip tightness thus let me finally get Marichyasana A which I want for progressing in my primary Ashtanga sequence practice!).

5. Any offroad eating will not be mindless but mindful! Not going to eat a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies because my mom stresses me out or my kids are eating them or whatever! Mindfulness.

6. Lose 4 pounds. I'll be happy with 2 pounds. Bathing suit season is upon me. I am 43 and a mom to two young children and we spend a LOT of time at the pool with 20 and 30 year old moms so I want to feel strong and confident in my bathing suit so I enjoy the pool more. So, I guess I'll be happy with less belly rather than a smaller number on the scale.

7. Plant a plum tree.

Yesterday Food Log:

Meal 1: 2 eggs, green smoothie (kale, 1/2 cucumber, baby carrots, blackberries), coffee with coconut milk.

Meal 2: tuna salad, Paleo banana bread with ghee

Meal 3: swordfish with garlic and tomato topping, cauliflower rice

Sleep: 9 hours (awesome).

Exercise: 20 minutes elliptical, foam rolling (ouch), 10 minutes yoga


Sugar cravings are WAY down. I ate three solid meals although no veggies at Meal 2. I was so wanting to go out to eat last night but husband talked me out of it (he is successfully finishing his second Whole30 which is hard on my ego but alas I support him). I googled 'swordfish' as I've never cooked it and bought it because on sale at Earth Fare. The recipe was fantastic.

The girls (age 4 and 6) played outside from 5-8 pm (eating dinner in their fort). Can I tell you how happy that makes me?

Allergies much better this year. Could it be from no dairy or other inflammatory foods? Maybe as everyone around me suffering. My anxiety/depression is better but could be simply from sleep and sun.

Feeling good today and optimistic. I want to try and recognize the good mood days.

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Good day today--felt like a tiger blood day. I feel so much normal as cravings are down. I really now think last week(s) sugar binging was hormonally driven (I was ovulating that week). My mom went through menopause at 43 and I am 43. I just heard a podcast about a new book by a Paleo doctor on hormones. I am going to track that down and read it. I ate three eggs instead of two (I can hold 2.5 eggs in one hand). I am still gunshy about eating 3 eggs a day but let me tell you it made a difference!

Food Log:

Meal 1: Three eggs, green smoothie (kale, cucumber, carrot, blackberry), coffe with coconut milk

Meal 2: Chorizo sausage, plum

Snack: Larabar and handful of macadamia nuts (this was STRESS eating, long boring story about bad scheduling and ballet dance recital pictures. Ugh.)

Meal 3: sugar snap peas, Kombucha, grilled chicken thighs, handful of macadamia nuts

Exercise: Y yoga

Sleep last night: 9 hours

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So, my plan was to offroad and drink one home brew of a good friend who made IPAs and gave me one the day I started the second Whole30 a little over a month ago. But then, after the macadamia nuts (food without brakes fo' sure) and the fact that I didn't get to do one of my fave yoga classes (my 4 year old fell asleep on the way and I held her an hour in the lobby while my husband did it since I already worked out today) means I'm going to save it for another off road rainy day. I did not eat breakfast. It was not planned but I decided to run over to Trader Joes before I met my friend at the gym and literally forgot to eat and then it was too late. I met my pregnant cousin downtown for lunch at my fave restaurant. It uses a LOT of local produce, makes their own bread, a whole foods restaurant, etc. So talk about a non paleo meal though! It felt fine and I feel good.

I now think I was going through hormonal stuff last week. Going to keep up with this on my log.

Coffee with coconut milk

Meal 1: Small 'Kepner melt' (tofu, sprout, goat cheese, pesto, walnut on whole wheat bun sandwich) and a side salad with mushroom sesame dressing. The produce is local and I felt and feel fine. That is my first dairy in a long time though. I love goat cheese so that is the only kind I will eat probably.

Meal 2: Macadamia nuts. Seriously, a LOT. Not cool. And leftoever warmed up coffee while talking to friend on phone.

Meal 3: Leftover cauliflower rice, grilled chicken

Exercise. 30 minutes on treadmill, rolled my IT band

Sleep: I slept about 7.5 hours last night but feel like the hour long nap of the 4 year old means I'm going to be up late tonight grading. Going to take some Melatonin and drink some Natural Calm and hope for the best.

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Two steps forward, one step back. Sigh. Some seriously unconcious offroad eating today. Well, I'm having a homebrew IPA of my friend right now and trying to just let it all go. Tomorrow I will eat good food that nourishes me.

Meal 1: two eggs (ate late so didn't want too much in stomach for yoga)

Meal 2: two chorizo sausages and banana

Afternoon crap: goldfish crackers (UGH, I never keep these in the house but my mom gave some to my daughter and thus...), Larabar, a few macadamia nuts, dark chocolate.

Meal 3: chicken with some homemade mayo (I used full strength EVOO instead of light and it tastes funky!), IPA

So there is it. No veggies at all I just realized. Ouch.

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Back from an inspirational trip to Atlanta High Art Museum. If you live in Atlanta you should totally go soon and see the Diego Rivera/Frida Khalo exhibit.

My planned off-roading went quite well. I also think I've inspired my friend to do a Whole 30!

Tomorrow I go in for a physical/blood work! My first in a year so hoping for good results!


Meal 1: 2 scrambled eggs, green smoothie, coffee with coconut milk

Meal 2: Mimosa, half of a tomato, feta, cucumber gyro and a cucumber salad

Meal 3: Savage Pizza pizza, unsweetened iced tea

Snack: home brew and some popcorn


Meal 1: eggs, bacon, oranges, coffee with a splash of milk

Meal 2: Chorizo, banana, green smoothie

Snack at library: TJ's mixed trail mix with dark chocolate, 1/3 of my daughters strawberry/banana/whey protein smoothie

Meal 3: chicken thighs, green beans & mushrooms

I have to fast until 1:30 pm tomorrow (only freaking time I could get in for my physical I have to have for my insurance) so I think I'll drink a whey protein smoothie right before bed to hopefully hold me over unless someone actually reads this and has another suggestion!

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Today I had to fast for my physical but my doctor was happy with my weight loss over the past year!! I have officially lost 40 pounds!

Meal 1: bacon, cucumber, plum

Snack at work: trail mix Trader Joes (has dark chocolate) and watermelon

Meal 2: chicken thigh, larabar, carrots & snap peas

I ate the Larabar while on the way home from work. Mistake.

Also, had some chocolate before bed. Not too much but still. It is not going to help with my sugar dragon...

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Good day overall. My allergies are much better this year. Also, I didn't binge today...no nuts,no larabars, etc. This is improvement. Also, being a Southerner it is time for iced black tea season. I make it at home and use honey. I measured out the honey today and realize I use less than a TBL per half gallon which means about 2-4 g of sugar a serving. I'm okay with this as this is the same as Kombucha. Going to experiment with only drinking it before 3 pm.

The weekend away really lifted my spirits. It was nice to do adult stuff with friends I have a lot in common with (old friends from college who we used to dive with a lot before we had kids). I need to do these trips a few times a year!

Was super motivated today. Got grading done, got tons of house and yard stuff done. Played with my kids. Need to be this way more often!!

Meal 1: 2 eggs, green smoothie

Meal 2: banana, tuna salad (lots of homemade mayo, onion and celery)


Meal 3: chocolate chili with 2 tomatoes and onion, 1/5 of my daughters fruit smoothie

Exercise: 25 minutes elliptical, Y yoga

Sleep: last night about 9 hours!

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Meal 1: 1 egg, bacon, green smoothie

Meal 2: chocolate chili with tomato and onion, snap peas, black tea, CHOCOLATE (no more!)

Meal 3: a plum, chicken thighs, kombucha and even MORE CHOCOLATE

Hmmm...guess what? I am ovulating. I think I'm figuring this out.

So, got to stay on track and not dive into a sugar binge.

Also, I got my blood work today and my cholesterol was up a little (total) but still below 200. My numbers were as such:

Cholesterol 196

Triglycerides 66

hdl 73

ldl 110

My doctor said he thought it was 'better' than last year since even though my total number up my ratios were better.



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Yesterday was a lot of mindless snacking and I've realized it was because I'm tired and didn't feel like cooking and there wasn't anything in the fridge available (planning is everything). I've reached the chaos/busy time in my semester. I feel busy and tired too. So, I ate 3 snack bags of cheddar bunnies and 10 mini Hersheys chocolates (probably the equivalent of THREE bars). Wow. And I felt terrible.

So, today is a new day. I went to hot yoga and then realized I left my snack bag at home so bought a 'smoothie' on the road to our craft class (for my 4 year old). I got a high protein/low sugar smoothie which is fine (I think it was basically vanilla whey protein and blueberries and it is at one of those places that bodybuilders hang out at ordering things called 'The Gladiator') but it was $5--for whey powder and frozen blueberries!. Wow. Need to get it together. The snack bag wouldn't have been much better--plums and larabars.

We stayed a long time at the local toy store and I realized we left the craft at the store when we pulled in the driveway so I had to turn around and go get it. By the time I got home I was famished. If I had good food to eat I would have but instead I ate the leftover half pancake (Bobs Red Mill) sans sugar or syrup from my daughter's breakfast that was on the counter (I use two eggs so at least high protein) and then I made my daughter her lunch and then I made myself some tuna salad. This weekend I am going to carve out time for some serious restocking of food and cooking and freezing. The next two weeks are going to be so busy I need to be prepared.

I have found that the tuna salad packed in olive oil is so much better than packed in water! Love the Whole30 for this!!

I have a master class workshop tonight and my foot hurts a lot so don't know if I should go. I think I'll have to forfeit the $$ is I do but my foot hurts.

Today is better. Need to stay clean though. At least there is no chocolate in the house!!!

Meal 1: Vanilla whey smoothie with blueberries

Meal 2: 1/2 whole grain pancake, banana, tuna salad

Meal 3: chorizo sausage

Meal 4: vegan potato salad, coconut chicken, tempeh kale vegan salad

**I stopped at the food coop on the way home starving and needed to eat. The hot bar was closed so I had to go to the deli stuff. The vegan potato salad was actually compliant except for the red potatoes (lol). Same with the tempeh kale salad. I need to get back on track to losing some weight though so I need to tighten up my 'excesses' and focus on my health.

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So, had a totally inspiring yoga class tonight (visiting instructor who studied for years in India). I feel like my monkey mind of this week is finally calm.

I did however, overeat (see above). I need to do some serious meal planning and cooking this weekend to get back on track as they say.

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Today was a struggle. I had another whey protein smoothie and a peanut butter sandwich and some ice cream.

I don't need any of this. I have been so tired this week and I know it is related to the food I'm eating.

Yet I don't feel like meal planning and shopping and especially cooking.

Going to reflect on this some and make a real plan for the week. I have decided to do a Whole 7 starting tomorrow. That is all I can commit to for now.


I did eat a lot of veggies at least and am having grilled chicken and steamed veggies for dinner. One meal at a time at this point for me. I really do feel like I'm in AA with all this.

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So, the Whole 7 didn't start today. I did however prepare for a really good week of healthy real food eating.

Meal 1: bacon, eggs, green smoothie

Meal 2: nuts and dark chocolate and banana

Meal 3: ground meat

Exercise: mowed the yard, hot yoga

This is where I got derailed. My oldest daughter has been asking us to take her to our (old) favorite Mexican restaurant. I finally said fine because we literally haven't taken them there since we started the Whole30 in January and it is fun to walk around downtown. I just decided to be non-compliant and start the Whole7 tomorrow. So, I had tortilla chips, salsa and guacomole and a margarita. Not too bad (no gluten or dairy at least) but once I got home my stomach was on fire and I (warning: TMI) puked it all up! I love margaritas but these heavy sugar, chemical ones just aren't going to work for me anymore. Their salsa and guac are fresh so it was the chips (which I'm sure are cooked in disgusting vegetable oil) and margarita. Sigh. I want to just make a 'healthy' low sugar one in the future if I want one (recipes?).

So, maybe I was compliant after all.

Tomorrow begins for real though. I have two weeks left of school and could really get into stress binging. I need some rules. Plus, I know, I know, everyone says this but I want the magic back. Since I've been offroading poorly this past week I just feel like crap.

So, I made some freezer foods. I also made a Paleo banana bread (not compliant because SWYPO) but really a good thing for me to have on Mondays when I'm in the lab all day. For some reason, I cannot eat meat in the lab. It is just psychological because it is where we do a ton of dissections. So tomorrow I plan to bring the Paleo banana bread and almond butter for my dinner along with veggies and fruit. NO NUTS. I am going no nuts hopefully this week as well.

Oh well, here I go!

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Yesterday was the first time I felt in control and it was nice. I still think this is hormonally driven and once the last two weeks of hell (end of my semester) are over then I am going to start researching into this and talk to my OB, etc. I also ate too much red meat for my liking but c'est la vie. I'm happy for a non-craving driven day of food.

Meal 1: watermelon, ground beef, green smoothie

Meal 2: hamburger, sugar snap peas, plum

Meal 3: hamburger, some sliced chicken, stir fried mixed veggies (husband makes these now and divine)

Exercise: Hot yoga

Sleep: Children coughing so rough night but I am going to be early enough that I survived.

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Meal 1: 2 eggs, green smoothie

Snack: leftover crusts of my daughters pb & honey sandwich (grumble), plum

Meal 2: chorizo sausage and cauliflower rice

Meal 3: green beans and mushrooms, chicken thighs, Kombucha

Was a bit derailed (came home famished and they were on the counter--the pb bread crusts) but I got it back together which is a success for me.

No exercise (yuck).

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Been chugging along okay the past week. Lots of stress and some very unplanned offroading.

Here are my conclusions this week:

I feel better when I eat clean (duh!).

I don't care to eat out much any more because the choices are limited (had not had my fave Thai in a month and it wasn't as good as I remember).

I am having an aversion to eating so much meat. Hope this passes.

Planning to do a Whole7 this week starting today. Mostly to see if it makes me feel great again.

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I weighed today for the first time in over a month and I've gained 5 pounds. Well, my weight fluctuates so who knows but I feel bummed. The thing is I really haven't eaten more calories or exercised less it is just I'm eating more crap (really beer is the issue). It is embarassing to even write this out but here goes:

Meal 1: chicken wings and a banana

Meal 2: chocolate

Meal 3: chicken thigh and a sugar cookie

Derailed by Girl Scout meeting. Tomorrow is a new day. Which will include vegetables.

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