half marathon sunday--night before and morning of suggestions


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I know there are a lot of posts about long distance exercise and what to eat--but my question is a little more specific in that while I don't plan on getting my best time during this race, I do plan on going all out, so I think I may need more fuel than I do for my usual 6-10 milers (which I generally do at a comfortable pace, just for exercise/preparation for the big race). Normally I would eat carbs the day before and an oatmeal the morning of, but what are some good, compliant options that will fuel me before the 1:45-2 hour race. I never eat or drink during a race (its only 13 miles, and also I cramp very easily so I avoid it--I've done several so I know my body at this point), and I don't like a heavy meal the morning of (the race is at 8am so I'll be eating something around 6) but I'd love a good dinner option for the night before and possibly a good suggestion for the morning (hard boiled egg maybe? 1/2 a sweet potato?)


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Just this past weekend I had a 10 miler, with 2 mid at race pace (half-marathon training). I decided to have a boiled egg, a whole smallish sweet potato and 1/2 cup strawberries. I've had stomach issues in the past, especially the full marathon distance, and I felt great on this particular run. I also brought along dates as my on the run fuel -- I know you said you don't eat during the half-distance, but if I'm completely Whole30 compliant, I need a little zing to help me achieve the race pace I'm looking for. The dates worked wonderfully as well, though I'll need to time them a little earlier than I did since it took a longer for the desired effect to hit my bloodstream.

I didn't have any upset tummy issues after the run either when I started to eat, which has also been a problem for me recently, so I'm cautiously optimistic that I've found a good combo.


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