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Starting today 4/10 - my husband and I


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Hi all,

This is our first time doing whole30. We start today. I have been ramping to this, but husband is jumping on board with no preparation.

5 weeks ago I watched Food Matters and Hungry for a Change and made a change directly and through research found Whole30. I had been limiting calories, but the weight has just been creeping up and up, and my medical problems were adding and adding. I gave up my Diet Coke addiction and 95% gave up processed food, sweets, and grain. I added veggies and fruits and have been forcing myself to eat them although I never have enjoyed them. I still don't enjoy those foods, but am enjoying that I am down 9 lbs in that month and my long term pains are starting to feel better. My husband told me today that my eyes and skin are brighter and that I don't look run down. My pants are sagging a bit already... hoping for more this month! The changes I am doing today are mainly to give up the dairy and wine and see what other benefits I can find. I expect cheese and yogurt to be the hardest to give up.

My 5 year old is very lean and active and he will be mostly on Whole30. I am not going to be strict with him, but when the cereal runs out he can eat whole30 breakfast with us. My 9 year old is going to do this with us. I gave her some financial and activity incentives to make it more exciting to her.


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Hi Stormy -

My husband and I also started the 10th after a few previous attempts and failing miserably at giving up soda. So far things are good except that when I am having a rough day I want to reach for that bread and cheese and soda. Those are the hardest to give up for me. But, this time I know I can do this. It means a healthier life and I will be able to enjoy playing with my kids on the floor (I have an 8 yearold and a 3 year old). The 8 yearold will eat what I tell him but forget about the 3 yearold. I made him mac and cheese last night and it took every ounce of will power to not just have one spoonful. But, I resisted. I also found some fun sparkling water to help break up the monotony of plain water. Like you I don't like fruits and veggies much but the book Well Fed and the Whole 9 site have some very interesting recipes. Good luck on your journey. If you'd like to chat about trials and food that we come across we can set up a log.

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